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Helping solutions to WIOA

We Have the Plan for WIOA

Virtual OneStop provides an integrated solution that completely manages state and federal workforce programs. The system offers several modules to help coordinate program activities, drive program outcomes, and maximize staff productivity.

In addition, the solution ensures full compliance with federal requirements and state and local business rules. Virtual OneStop delivers all aspects of partner program management and reporting capabilities in a single solution that promotes efficient, effective delivery of employment and training services that individuals need to succeed in the workforce.

Virtual OneStop eliminates the uncertainty of keeping up with federal regulations and replaces it with the assurance that all programs are managed effectively. The system ensures that all necessary data points are recorded in full compliance with the U.S. Department of Labor. Many states have found Virtual OneStop to be significantly more cost effective than maintaining their existing legacy system(s).

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Adult Education Module

The Adult Education Module in Virtual OneStop is an easy-to-use application that assists staff in managing program activities and individual participation. The application requires minimal manual keying from the user and ultimately streamlines the program management process, giving staff a more effective way to keep track of student participation.

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Vocational Rehabilitation Module

The Vocational Rehabilitation Module in Virtual OneStop helps track and manage individuals with disabilities on their quest to find meaningful employment. Intuitive case management tools allow staff to create Individual Employment Profiles (IEP) and manage participant cases starting with the application process, continuing through the program evaluation and eligibility determination phase, and through employment and post-placement services.

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