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Geographic Solutions' Economist Phillip Sprehe Forecasts Job Growth for Southern Georgia

Story first appeared at WTXL Tallahassee

In a recent news story that appeared on WTXL Tallahassee, reporter Shniece Archer interviewed several business owners around the downtown Thomasville, Georgia area. Based on results seen in 2021, they're anticipating an economic boost and more foot traffic this year.

Geographic Solutions economist Phillip Sprehe's analysis backs these observations up. He predicts continued economic recovery and job growth for the southern Georgia counties of Thomas, Decatur, and Lowndes.

"It should complete its recovery sometime in the late-spring, early-summer this year and then extend out through 2022 to finish up the year with 80,000 total jobs," Sprehe said.

He forecasts job growth in Thomas, Decatur, and Lowndes County, and notes that is should continue at a steady pace throughout the year.

"The recovery is going to continue, the growth is going to be consistent and healthy and we'll see a return to in-store retail activities," Sprehe said.

According to Sprehe, employment in Georgia is only a few hundred jobs away from reaching its pre-pandemic high of 79,000 jobs in February 2020. Retail, Transportation, and Warehousing constitute the highest number of employment of any industry in the area. These sectors, along with Leisure & Hospitality and Construction are posed to drive job growth in South Georgia through 2022.


Visit WTXL Tallahassee's website to read the entire story.  


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