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Insights and Perspective


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by Liesl Coetzer

As we approach 2021, are you searching for a strategy to assist job seekers as they strive to effectively reskill or upskill to meet the demands of tomorrow’s transformed workplaces?

Are you anxious about the adjustment of your agency’s strategies as we all find a new normal?

All is not lost! Read on…

As hiring teams across the globe take preventative measures to ensure the safety of their employees and candidates, free online learning platforms such as are here to ease the burden and help minimize exposure while still producing quality hires. 

The good news is that even before Covid-19, there was high growth and adoption of online learning and education. However, when governments announced the first worldwide lockdowns in March, more people all over the world have been using their time at home to enhance their skills, broaden their knowledge and self-educate. In fact, the platform saw a 258% increase in daily sessions between April and May 2020 compared to the same timeframe in 2019.

These same people have experienced the benefits of online education first hand and, as the world shifts to a new way of normal, they’ll continue to benefit from it in the future. Now is a great — if not the best — time for job seekers to review their skill sets, plug any gaps, and empower themselves for a rebound!

“Alison was a huge beneficiary of the move to free online learning in 2020. Our number of learners, the size of our team, our turnover all doubled this past year. The year 2021 is going to be equally transformative for us, our learners, and our partners,” said Mike Feerick, Founder and CEO of Alison. “We expect to publish an additional 5,000 new free courses focused on upskilling for the workplace. We also plan to expand our group learning and reporting features, grow self-publishing, and extend our free psychometric testing offerings. Our ultimate goal is to evolve from being a free online learning platform to establishing Alison as a broader personal empowerment offering. We look forward to working on a one-on-one basis with Geographic Solutions’ clients and users in the year ahead."

We Help You Help Them

Are you looking to assist candidates who want to reskill or upskill? There’s an easy way to do it: encourage them to sign up to or log on to the e-learning platform directly from their state or local workforce system to discover these and many other courses. Alison’s courses are all closely aligned to developing trends within specific sectors, teaching skills highly relevant and sought-after in today’s global job market, and help users to grow and pivot their careers — with proper guidance and with no financial pressure. 

As an agency staff member, you can help candidates to address their career pursuits in a proactive, positive, and patient manner. Alison’s world-class learning and training courses have helped over 17 million people gain new knowledge and skills, feel positive and grow more confident to achieve their career goals. The popular platform boasts over 2,000 free workplace-focused online courses (ranging from inventory planning to healthcare, engineering and a myriad others in between) allowing job-seekers to broaden their knowledge and skill sets, boost their résumés, increase their employability and advance their job prospects at no cost to themselves.

Learning Pathways Look Different for Different People

Enable your candidates to assess the skill sets they have acquired over the years; ask themselves which skills they need; and determine which skills are transferable to the next role. Allow them to discover their shortcomings and which skills they can improve. Greater self-awareness and insight means a greater chance of achieving career success. Alison’s free psychometric testing is beneficial for learners who would like to know more about their learning style, people skills and what drives them. Self-awareness provides an opportunity to build confidence, focus their job search, and learn more about how to conduct themselves in interviews

Encourage jobs seekers to take some time to see where industry heading and consider the skills needed to enhance their effectiveness or add value to their work. Alison courses encompass those professions and roles for which there is now ever increasing demand: green economy jobs; roles at the forefront of the data and AI economy;  new roles in engineering, cloud computing and product development.

‘Soft skills’ are in high demand in the workplace, with companies now valuing candidates and employees who are able to practice critical leadership and interpersonal skills. According to the recently released  World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2020, along with the jobs listed above, newly emerging as in-demand skills are self-management activities, such as active learning, resilience, stress tolerance, and flexibility.

Learn Right Where You Are

With Alison’s updated online learning App (downloadable from the Google Play store and the Huawei App Gallery) learners can also enjoy ‘on-go-learning’ – with a seamless transition between handset and desktop. The easy-to-use search function allows job-seekers to quickly find all courses related to their desired field of work, as well as how to, plan, write and submit the perfect résumé and cover letter. The study-and-complete function effortlessly enrolls them into any course they want to study and allows them to work at their own pace. 

They can pause their learning at any time, and resume where they left off, or revise anything they need to at any stage, anytime, anywhere!

Each skill learned with Alison is workplace-focused, helping your candidates to secure that dream job, unlock their potential, and enjoy a better tomorrow!

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