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Spidered jobs come from a variety of national and local employer websites.


VOSJobs is a revolutionary employment search tool that will dramatically improve the way job seekers find jobs. With VOSJobs, job seekers can immediately access detailed information on thousands of jobs that have been captured from a variety of online job banks, corporate web sites, regional hospitals, local newspapers, government sites, etc. This powerful online employment search tool provides fast access to a database of tens of thousands of jobs, by region, within a single web site.

Laser Job Search Technology

Geographic Solutions aggregates (or “spiders”) jobs from a variety of national and local employer websites to populate the jobs database. The success of VOSJobs is based on the ability of the job seeker to not just find a job, but find the jobs that are the closest match to the criteria. With thousands of jobs to choose from, Geographic Solutions proprietary "Laser Job Search Technology" makes it easy for job seekers to quickly search the database to find the jobs that are the closest match. The user can scan through tens of thousands of jobs almost instantaneously.

The VOSJobs job query component incorporates a full-text index to provide extremely fast and efficient searching of large job order databases. The system also provides support for sophisticated word searches in character string data. The VOSJobs Virtual OneStop full-text job index stores information about significant words and their location within a given job order. This information is used to quickly complete full-text queries that search for rows with particular words or combinations of words.

Job seekers can utilize the Virtual Recruiter mechanism to create job searches, save the search and/or run it periodically. Job search results are reported to the user’s inbox, a personal email address, or an SMS text message.

Automatic Referral Tracking

The number of job search options available in VOSJobs truly incorporates the best use of "spider technology" for job seekers. When a user selects a job to display, the available information for that job is displayed. When users indicate that they wish to apply for the job, they are passed to the web page to apply for the job on the source web site. VOSJobs has a unique mechanism that generates a referral record which indicates the original source of a job listing (i.e. CareerBuilder, Yahoo HotJobs, Monster, etc.).

Expand for a Truly Integrated Solution

VOSJobs is the ONLY job search system that couples job search capability with labor market information, skill matching and other workforce development services. Flexible controls allow the system to be integrated into your existing website or combined with any components in the Virtual OneStop suite of workforce services. System components and enhancements can be added at any time, allowing you to stay in line with the demands of your local workforce. In addition, the system's centralized database is ideal for real-time and ad hoc reporting needs.

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