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Providing a simple method for accessing job and support services information.


It’s as Easy As One Touch

Geographic Solutions offers a proprietary touch screen interface of the Virtual OneStop system. VOSTouch, a Windows-based multimedia display, enables customers to use the universal access services for job searches and labor information within Virtual OneStop.

A variety of stylish, multi-purpose kiosk enclosures offers the advantage of easy accessibility to an interactive job search center. Kiosk stations vary from a single station with one interface unit to seven individual workstations for larger centers or facilities that service even more customers. VOSTouch Kiosk costs are in addition to the VOSTouch module and data captured via VOSTouch kiosks are immediately stored within the Virtual OneStop database.

Since Geographic Solutions' focuses on emerging technology, we offer enhanced solutions that are appropriate for our clients, yet add value for the end-user. Access to systems must be immediate and convenient and a kiosk application fits this need. Customers are becoming more familiar with kiosks and the self-service opportunities offered via touch screens.

Bringing the Job Search Tools to the Job Seekers

One-stop center managers now have additional choices: they can place kiosks with the VOSTouch screen interface in convenient locations for the specific customer they are trying to service. For example, if a large industrial plant was closing, rapid response staff working with one-stop managers might install a kiosk in the plant to offer job search help before the closing date.

Kiosks may also be used in a shopping mall or plaza. Customers from youth to adults could easily use VOSTouch to find job listings. As an alternative, a kiosk interface can be utilized in one-stop centers, satellite centers, or even remote areas for fast self-service access. All of these options increase system accessibility, a valuable benefit for the customer.


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