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Supplement existing labor market information with employment trends.


Want a Current Snapshot of Your Area’s Labor Market Makeup?

Geographic Solutions and Nielsen Media Research, a global leader in survey sampling, are teaming up to offer an optimal solution for capturing current employment data. VOSurvey is a telephone, web, or mail survey conducted by skilled staff at Nielsen Media Research. Survey data is then compiled by Geographic Solutions' technology experts in a Virtual OneStop web-based application. The collected labor market information includes software for analyzing data along with advanced job seeker services. Software can easily be configured to reside on an existing local workforce website.

VOSurvey supplements existing labor market information. A VOSurvey updates standard labor data by adding recent employment trends based on detailed responses from employers. It is a cost-effective measure to assist a workforce board's response to evolving employment changes.

What steps are involved?

Step 1:
Pre-Survey Activities

Step 2:
Survey Operations

Step 3:
Data Manipulation

Final Step:
Web application showing results

Each phase provides maximum accuracy for the survey and encourages use of related employment options.

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