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Comprehensive data research and analysis in one source.

America's Labor Market Analyzer (ALMA)

The Americas Labor Market Analyzer module is designed for analysts, economists, and statisticians who handle workforce-related information. Users can analyze and compare multiple labor market data sets across relevant time periods, various geographic areas, occupations, industries, and other key parameters.

A Comprehensive Labor Market Data Source

The Americas Labor Market Analyzer system provides access to federally approved Workforce Information Database (WID) structures and is integrated directly into standard systems such as O*NET. In addition, the system provides information on real-time labor market supply and demand data. This includes current job openings and newly posted jobs.

Data sessions include:

  • Occupational Wages (OES & Advertised Jobs)
  • Occupational Employment by Industry
  • Occupational Employment and Projections (Long and Short Term)
  • Occupational Licensing
  • Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW)
  • Local Industry Activity Levels (Location Quotient Calculator)
  • Current Employment Statistics (CES)
  • Staffing Patterns
  • Industry Employment and Projections (Long and Short Term)
  • Labor Force Employment and Unemployment (LAUS)
  • Census Bureau Commuting Patterns
  • Workforce System Job Openings and Applications
  • Job Openings by Occupation, Industry, Education, and Work Experience
  • Sales and Tax Data
  • Income (median family, median household, median HUD, per capita, and total personal)
  • Unemployment Insurance Claimants
  • Economic Indices (CPI)
  • Population and Demographic Characteristics

Our experience developing and implementing Labor Market Information solutions for government agencies provides us with a unique appreciation for understanding the quality of software and data necessary to support credible and meaningful analysis.

Sophisticated Analytical Tools for Research

The Americas Labor Market Analyzer module includes multiple functions for comprehensive data research and analysis purposes. The system is capable of merging real-time and traditional statistical labor market information into an integrated and robust solution. This provides a comprehensive view and comparison of true labor market trends based upon state or federally defined reporting standards.

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