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Job searches and labor market information on a national scale.

America's Virtual OneStop (AVOS)

America’s Virtual OneStop is more than just another job board. Whether you’re searching for a new job, continuing your education, researching labor market information, or ready to find a new career, America’s Virtual OneStop offers fast access to a complete set of tools in one website.

All in OneStop

This system offers a full range of features and services to assist users in their employment and workforce development needs through researching the job market, analyzing a career, etc. Job searches and labor market information are now brought to users on a national scale.

Career Decisions Made Easy

Job Seekers can now have peace of mind when it comes to making informed career decisions. For job seekers that means finding assistance in researching the job market, getting career tips, locating educational providers, figuring out how much jobs pay, and other issues of interest. Job search and labor market information boundaries are now broken. Users can now compare labor information and search for jobs across state lines.

Registering on the site allows users to save personal information, settings and preferences that make using the system easier, efficient and a more personable. The site organizes user and job search information in an easy-to-use file folder structure. This eliminates the need to conduct repeated searches for the same information.

How Does Your Area Match Up?

Ever wonder how your local area job market matches up to others across the nation? Use the sites labor market information services to research an intended industry or area’s economic profile and compare it to other industries and areas across the nation. Research a wide variety of economic information within the area profiles section such as household income, educational facilities, unemployment rates, job availability, etc.

Sharpen Those Skills!

Whether you’re trying to switch career paths completely, or supplement for a deficit in skill level, finding training and educational offerings has never been easier. Users can find suitable training or educational programs, as well as information on training providers and schools, including the training facilities programs and their websites. Review the number of students that have successfully completed training and education programs for an occupation or training facility. If visiting a training provider’s campus isn’t of convenience, job seekers can take advantage of online learning resources, providers who offer a variety of free online learning and training courses that can use to expand their knowledge and skill levels.

Search on a National Scale

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