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Providing a simple method for accessing job and support services information.

Customer Relationship Management

The Geographic Solutions' Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module provides another option for improving one-stop efficiency. The CRM Module offers integrated functionality for employer outreach and support controlled at the local board level.

Employers can be added quickly and easily to the system directly by staff or spidered employers can be converted to marketing leads. Employer Marketing Leads are added using a mini-registration that collects only enough data to log and track services. When the employer begins posting job orders and hiring candidates, they are converted to full registrants for Wagner/Peyser reporting.
Once an employer is entered as a marketing lead, job developers can enter and track services provided and schedule future services using this convenient tool. Some of the benefits of using the CRM system are:

Customer Relationship Management System Benefits:

  • Job developers can work as teams sharing work items, reminders, and notes for employers.
  • Ability to quickly add employers as marketing leads using a mini registration.
  • Appointment scheduler integrated with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Accounts management with four account types – Marketing, IWT, Recruiting, and Benefits.
  • Speed entry of employer information by converting spidered employer data to marketing lead registration.
  • Powerful and feature-rich contact management and tracking functionality.
  • Identify overdue contacts to insure client satisfaction.

In addition to standard work item scheduling, tracking, and reporting, the CRM Module provides the ability to create and deliver customized customer surveys.

Benefits of the Survey System:

  • Surveys can be created by staff on-the-fly providing timely and relevant data collection.
  • Multiple surveys can be created for any client.
  • Surveys can be sent using the message center or email, to any combination of users and user types.
  • Surveys can be targeted for specific employers or used for groups of employers.
  • Surveys can be created for any user type: individuals, employers, providers, or even staff.
  • Survey data can be analyzed with standard reports or graphic results.

Geographic Solutions' CRM Module offers another great solution for improving one-stop efficiency. From streamlining and managing employer interaction, to customer survey and data analysis, the CRM module offers everything a job developer needs to provide world class service to employers in your service area. For more information on the Geographic Solutions' Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module, call (888) 710-4867 or Tim Duffy at

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