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An integrated set of tools that enhance productivity and services.

Geographic Solutions Document Management Module

Geographic Solutions' Document Management solution provides an integrated set of tools for inputting images and managing documents. The use of these tools will significantly enhance internal employee productivity and improve the services provided to job seekers. Generally, reducing dependence on paper documents improves information availability, increases information security, reduces costs and has side benefits such as improved business continuity and disaster recovery. Our solution covers all of the bases, and so much more!

Staff members no longer have to toggle between multiple applications to manage documents. Geographic Solutions' in-context document management system stores images in the database, and associates the documents with user records. The solution is ideal for applicant review and monitoring. The system provides the ability for a user to interactively upload, manipulate, and attach electronic files to a record. All documents and images are saved securely on the central database.

Document Management is the ideal solution for agencies to attach existing digital documents to client records for easy access and reference. Based on security privileges, staff may be able to create and/or view stored documents and associate the documents to a user record.

The Document Management Module provides the following capabilities:

  • Attach electronic documents and correspondence.
  • Group related documents such as claims and verification documents.
  • Attach documents to specific locations in case management workflow.
  • Attach documents to a new or existing case record.
  • Store multiple versions of documents.
  • Attach supporting documents for eligibility or other reviews.
  • Edit, redact, and manipulate documents.
  • Share associated documentation with other authorized staff and stakeholders.
  • Conduct eligibility and other monitoring reviews, remotely.

The Document Management module permits documents to be entered into the system and associated with an individual by one of two methods:

1) An existing document such as a Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat file can be attached to the individual's account. There is no requirement for software to be present on the user's workstation to perform a document capture. All functionality takes place server side.
2) Document capture also has Fax-to-Image and Direct Email-to-Image capabilities.
NOTE: The Document Management module requires the Core Services for Staff Managing Individuals Module.

Document Scanning Module

The Document Scanning Module provides all of the functionality of Document Management, along with the ability to scan documents. An image can be scanned in real-time using a TWAIN-compliant scanner at the user's workstation or local network. TWAIN-compliancy is a standard software/hardware protocol and applications programming interface that regulates communication between software applications and imaging devices. Document Management is available for clients with Geographic Solutions hosted solutions.
NOTE: Scanning hardware is not included.

Document Indexing

The Document Management module enables users to capture metadata tags (indexing) at the point of scan or capture. These tags can be used to locate and identify documents in the future. There is no limitation on the number of indexing fields that can be created. For example, in the UI appeals process there would be tags for fields such as Claim Number, Claimant Name, or Claim Date. Case management tags might be for eligibility verification documents such as SSN, Driver License, or School Record.

Users can also index information based on the logged-in user's permission set. The metadata can be adjusted through the browser interface or automatically based upon the integration with the line of business applications. As an example, if the claimant's last name changes and all documents related to that claimant need to be updated, the user will search for the claimant, select all records, enter the new last name, and submit. Now all documents stored for that claimant are instantly updated.

Document Manipulation

The Document Management module allows users to reorder, delete, append, or separate pages "on the fly" through the browser-based document viewer. The viewer also allows for thumbnail and page manipulation, including the ability to rotate for review. The user has the ability to drag-and-drop pages into the proper order if scanned out of order.

The module also gives users the ability to manipulate images with annotations, redactions, magnifications, drawing, and rotation options. For example, if a faxed piece of correspondence is received upside down, the user can rotate the document to the proper orientation within the Web interface.
Document ManipulationThe module was specifically designed to allow the user to view multi-page correspondence as a singular document. For double-sided documents, it is required that the scanner support duplex (dual side) scanning. Each document includes all the pages of the specific correspondence type. Users can easily flip through the pages, view each page as a thumbnail, or select page and thumbnail view.

Document Redaction

The Document Management module has the ability to redact information on imaged documents already stored in the repository, and during submission through embedded capture software. For example, Social Security numbers or other confidential information can be blacked out of any scanned document. The module also has auto-redact capabilities for confidential information that needs to be removed from all documents. Staff members with certain permissions may have the ability to view redacted information.
NOTE: The Document Scanning module includes the Document Management Module.

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Ideal solution for applicant review and monitoring.

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