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Fund Tracking Modules

Fund Tracking Modules

Basic Individual Fund Tracking Module

The Basic Individual Fund Tracking Module enables workforce agencies to track and monitor the allocation of participant training and support services funds for federal, state, and local programs administered within the Virtual OneStop system. The following functionality is available in the Basic Individual Fund Tracking Module:

  • Advanced Enrollment Wizard
  • Payment Voucher Management
  • Business Rules and Edit Checks

Advanced Individual Fund Tracking Module

The Advanced Individual Fund Tracking Module fully integrates fiscal tracking of participant costs with case management of individuals in a secure environment accessible by both fiscal and service delivery staff. The module offers advanced fund, budget, and transaction tracking within the Virtual OneStop application, improving the overall efficiency of an agency’s financial management process. The system accommodates fund management for an unlimited number of grants, fund sources, and program/fiscal years simultaneously. Functionality for the Advanced Individual Fund Tracking Module include:

  • Fund Stream Management
  • Budget Creation and Obligations
  • Federal Reporting

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Cash Draw Module

Geographic Solutions’ Cash Draw Module is an integrated cash management solution in Virtual OneStop that provides simple functionality for state and local staff members to manage grant and subgrant cash allocation, as well as request cash from the state for programs and grants. This includes federal grants for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), Wagner- Peyser (WP), and state-specific grants including general funding grants, or grants for unique state contract programs.

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