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Streamlining all enrollment data into one system.

Geographic Solutions Generic Programs Module

The Virtual OneStop Generic Programs module enables states to establish state or local programs that require tracking (applications, enrollment activities/services,
and program exits), as well as National Emergency Grants, and other related programs and requirements. Generic programs are established through the
Virtual OneStop Administration module and are associated to specific Local Workforce Investment Areas.

Specific Rules and Eligibility Determinations

The module presents basic business rules to define program eligibility and ensure that participants are clearly defined.  Specific questions can be established for each program.  This includes the ability to identify the items that must be verified and what documentation is acceptable. 

A generic program application is a simple entry form that establishes when the individual has been determined eligible to participate in the generic program, and that all appropriate documentation is within the case file. The form allows for tracking of employment information. It includes federally defined performance exclusion reasons and enables states to develop customized exit reasons.

Run the Reports you Need, without the Federal Complexity

The Generic Programs module allows Virtual OneStop users to establish programs without having to create complex federal reports. However, staff resources, such as form edits, information verification items, print capability, and case assignment functionality operate the same as they do for federal programs. A generic program outcome allows staff to track program exit information.  

Ad hoc service activity reports are available to track and evaluate system use by participants and report back to specific funding sources.  Staff can also run standard reports that identify which local areas have access to these grants.

It’s Easy to Set Up Generic Programs

In contrast to federal programs, generic (state or local) programs that do not require full program set-up with extensive business rules may be created with relatively minimal effort and requirements definition. To establish a generic program and allow for the fund tracking mechanism to apply, the system administrator has just four process steps to follow:

  • Define each program that you want to exist within the Generic Program category.
  • Tie each program to a specific Local Workforce Investment Area (LWIA).
  • List the services offered within each program.
  • Establish eligibility criteria.

Fully Integrate with UI and Externally-Funded Programs

The Generic Programs module is fully integrated with other modules/components of Virtual OneStop.

For example, the State of Florida has permitted their local areas to establish programs where the local area may have received money from their county or city to help provide services to targeted populations. In addition, wages from state unemployment insurance systems can be incorporated into the Generic Programs module to be used for performance standards such as entered employment and/or retention. 

Several Geographic Solutions customers use the Generic Programs module to participant activities where additional funds were obtained outside of any sponsored U.S. DOL-ETA program. 

Number of Generic Programs Established

Various Uses
State of Florida 33
  • Tracking of money and participants for NASA employees related to the Shuttle Program
  • Foster care youth programs
District of Columbia 12
  • Grants received to serve older workers from Department of Aging
  • Augment pre-apprenticeship program to provide all payments for outside training and provide various workshops
  • A number of grants received from the City to help serve disadvantaged youth and adults
State of Hawaii 8
  • Employment Training Fund
  • Food Stamps
  • JHS
  • OP
  • VWIP
  • Supporting Employment Empowerment (SEE)
  • Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment
  • Personal Reemployment Account

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