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A mechanism for employers and staff to identify jobs as 'Green'

Green Jobs Initiative

Geographic Solutions, Inc. GREEN JOBS INITIATIVE, a cutting-edge software solution that helps workforce agencies meet the requirements outlined in the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009.

The promotion of "Green Jobs" is a significant requirement of the ARRA as outlined TEGL 14-08. In the future, workforce agencies will be measured on their compliance in providing services and jobs categorized as 'green'. The Geographic Solutions GREEN JOBS INITIATIVE is packaged within the Geographic Solutions' Virtual OneStop® suite of workforce solutions.

What prompted this initiative?

The US Department of Labor's initiative was designed to foster the development of green jobs by providing career information and guidance; developing education and training models in concert with apprenticeship programs and community colleges. Identifying and managing occupations that support an environmentally sustainable economy is a critical challenge for the United States and especially for workforce development agencies. Geographic Solutions recognizes that state and local workforce agencies are at the epicenter of this effort.

The Geographic Solutions' GREEN JOBS INITIATIVE uses a variety of approaches to identify and track "Green Jobs". This includes:

  • A mechanism for employers and staff to identify jobs as 'Green'
  • A new process that tags aggregated jobs gathered from across the Internet as "Green". This sophisticated procedure uses several factors to map a job as "Green" including the occupation, the job title, the description, the employer, the source of the job etc. This mechanism also classifies the relative 'greenness' off a job. Programs for specific education institutions which can be classified as providing training for "Green Jobs".

Job seekers can select a 'Green Job' as one of the criteria on their job searches. 'Green Jobs" are clearly identified with a special icon Green Jobs in the job search results and in the detailed job description. Workforce agencies can run federal and state-mandated reports which measure green job compliancy.

Over the past few years, Geographic Solutions has built and successfully launched numerous Green Job portals, including:

Green Job Portals

Packaged with Virtual OneStop

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