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Features that are customized to fit your flexibility and uniqueness.

Local Efficiency Options

Custom Website Portal Branded to your Workforce Investment Board

Adding a customized portal allows your WIB to utilize the state Virtual OneStop® system AND provide personalized service to your region. Clients are able to access the system through your all-inclusive home page, customized with news, alerts, career fair announcements, and resources within a designated area. 

Customized portals provide WIBs with the ability to establish their own branding, look, and content; as well as the option to acquire additional modules that are not available on the state site. 

Our custom homepages can be tailored to focus on workforce development for a specific geographical region or for veterans, senior citizens, ‘green’ industries, niche industries, or individuals affected by a national disaster. 

Update and Control Content

Geographic Solutions’ Web Content Management module is a built-in content management system, available to all Virtual OneStop® system portals.  This application was designed to be a user-friendly tool that lets you add, edit, and delete content displayed in several different areas within your system.

The module lets staff customize various types of content, such as information about community service or youth programs, instructions for filing for unemployment insurance, local and state labor market information, descriptions of employer tax incentive programs, press releases, urgent alerts, calendars, and local job fair information.  Internally, the site’s administrator can customize what resources are available to WIB staff when they are utilizing Virtual OneStop.

Customizing functionality includes the ability to manage documents, create documents, and manage files, upload files and search documents. Easily accessible through the system administration site, the module is extremely user-friendly, especially for non-technical staff who do not have knowledge of HTML coding. All content is managed through editing features linked directly to their Web-browser, using the tools they are accustomed to in popular word-processing software.

The Web Content Management module works with plain text, website links, images, and other uploaded files, allowing you to create pages of content that are dynamic, attractive, informative, and most importantly – timely. Content can be updated in a matter of minutes – decreasing the possibility of having inaccurate, obsolete information visible to the people using your system.

Track Attendance and Services with the Swipe of a Card

From the minute someone walks in the door and signs on to the system, Virtual OneStop® has the ability to track attendance and every service provided with our intelligent scan card technology, VOScan®.

Available as a stand-alone module or as part of a Virtual OneStop® system, VOScan® enhances the ability to easily register customers, hand them a card, and immediately begin recording services. The VOScan reader's effective space-saving design allows it to be installed directly on a PC, a network connection, or bolted to a wall. The VOScan® module is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Windows NT operating systems. Scanning stations (kiosks) can be set up at any one-stop location or remote on-site locations to track services in real-time.

Scan and Store Verification Documents

Local Efficiency Options
Utilizing a document management solution means that case managers no longer need to toggle between multiple applications to manage documents. With the click of a mouse, verification documents such as a driver's license or birth certificate can be scanned and manipulated.

Our document management module stores images in the database and associates the documents with job seeker records. The solution is ideal for applicant review and monitoring. The document management system provides the ability for a user to scan, upload, manipulate, and attach electronic files to records.

Any document can be scanned using a standard TWAIN-compliant scanner at the user's workstation or local network.

All scanned files are stored securely on the central database, freeing staff from the burdens of security breaches; while at the same time, eliminating the dependency on paper files, reducing file storage costs, improving business continuity, and permitting remote auditing.

Track Skills with the Work Keys® Assessment Module

The WorkKeys Assessment Module requires a custom portal.

WorkKeys® is ACT's comprehensive system for providing assessments that give workers information about their workplace skill levels.

The WorkKeys® module permits staff to enter and analyze the results of a jobseeker's assessment. This includes skill level testing for mathematics, reading for information, locating information, applied technology, listening, observation, teamwork, and writing.

Jobseekers can access their assessments and view occupations that match their current WorkKeys® scores or explore occupations that they may qualify for with improved WorkKeys scores. Staff members also have the ability to interactively modify a score to show occupations that are available with improved test scores.

Local Efficiency Options

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