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Provider Services

Geographic Solutions' Provider System, our education and training provider information software, provides staff and providers the ability to add and manage programs giving visitors the ability to compare training providers and programs. It can be used as a stand-alone module or as an integrated part of the Virtual OneStop and Virtual LMI suites of workforce solutions. The system design is easily configured to reside on existing local workforce web sites.

Wagner Peyser and WIOA-Approved

Provider Services is designed specifically to meet the requirements of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and the Wagner-Peyser Act. Provider representatives can apply for WIOA program certification, in addition to entering and maintaining their own program data. Our solution offers comprehensive education and training information, detailing WIOA-approved providers and performance standings for college administrators, job seekers, and employers.

Easy Side-by-Side Comparison

Provider Services also helps job seekers collect and compare the performance of training providers and programs, as well as access quality consumer information. The data includes state lists of performance/cost information relating to eligible training providers. This includes the institution’s completion rate, placements, job retention, and earning gains for each program.

Advantages of the Provider Services System include:

  • Ability to compare similar programs at the same institution
  • Ability to compare different programs at the same school
  • Ability to compare the same program with like programs from other institutions
  • Ability to compare a program to the state averages
  • Ability to view provider WIOA eligibility and the programs offered
  • Providers representatives and staff can independently create and maintain program information
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