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Dynamic solutions designed to reduce unemployment benefit durations.

Geographic Solutions Unemployment System (GUS)

Virtual OneStop includes tools to directly interface in real-time with legacy unemployment insurance systems. In one step, job seekers can apply for unemployment, register in the employment system, and find current job openings where they live. This powerful interface is a dynamic solution designed to reduce unemployment benefit durations by putting job seekers back to work quickly.

Re-Employment and Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Geographic Solutions Unemployment System (GUS) provides a complete benefit delivery system from claimant application through the appeals process and every step in between. This commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution focuses on providing the claimant intuitive entry screens and continuous claim status information, while offering UI staff a full range of claim functionality (monetary, non-monetary, payment, notifications and appeals). GUS evaluates claims in real-time – providing claimants, employers and staff up-to-the-minute information. Daily payment and employer charging processing is now accurate and extremely efficient.

Claimant and Employer Services

  • Benefit applications and certifications
  • Job search and creation
  • Account management
  • Claimant self-service applications and equivalent IVR
  • Immediate claims status featuring expanded information to claimants

Monetary and Non-Monetary Management

  • Calculate benefits
  • Re-determinations and reconsiderations
  • Issue creation and resolution
  • Real-time application, calculation, and processing
  • Faster recognition of monetary issues

Payment Management

  • Benefit payment
  • Employer charges
  • Eligibility reviews
  • Adjustments and overpayments
  • Accurate, proper payments and employer charges with system-generated adjustments and overpayments
  • Accurate financial accounting for trust fund analysis

Notifications and Reporting

  • Claimant and Employer
  • Federal, trust fund, and ad hoc
  • Document generation and retrieval within the benefit system
  • Complete collection of federal reports and capability for ad hoc reporting


  • Hearing scheduling
  • Issue decisions and notices
  • Easy to schedule and track appeals for lower and higher-authority cases
  • Easy to assemble case files

Commercial Off-the-Shelf Solution

Job Openings Available Information on GUS

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