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Virtual Reentry Employment Opportunities (Virtual REO)

Helping Ex-Offenders Find Employment After Release

The Virtual Reentry Employment Opportunities (Virtual REO) system offers a variety of tools and career information for individuals who are in a pre-release program or who have been recently paroled. The system consists of several easy-to-use components designed to assist individuals with planning and achieving long-term job placement.

Job Search Tools

Virtual REO is designed to match individuals with employers in the most efficient and accurate manner possible. The Self-Assessments component is an ideal starting place for those who need to identify their strengths and talents. Users can utilize self-assessment tools within the Career Explorer option to find occupational careers that match their skills, interests, or values. The Job Seeker Services component provides intelligent tools to help users manually conduct job searches, build cover letters and résumés, research employer information, and review job market trends.

Real-Time Labor Market Data

Individuals have access to real-time labor market information in Virtual REO that can assist them with making informed career decisions. In the system’s Labor Market Services Area Profile, users can select a specific area to access population, income, wage, and labor force statistics in their area. The Job Order Details screen also offers in-context labor market information that shows users important data that is associated with a job listing.

Education and Training Resources

A variety of training, schools, and educational programs are also available for users to view in Virtual REO. These resources include course and contact information, as well as degree and certification facts that can help offenders choose the right opportunity if they are seeking to obtain further skills or knowledge after they are released.

Case Management and Reporting

Counselors and case managers have the ability to complete intake applications, take case notes, create individual employment plans, and more. Staff members can complete any tasks for the individuals, which can serve as an additional function of providing computer literacy training. The system also includes a Reporting component that allows staff to generate a wide variety of reports. To accommodate changing environments, the system provides user-friendly report data after gathering input from staff users at the local and state levels. As reporting requirements change, the flexible core components can be modified easily to meet new requirements.

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