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Customize how you communicate online with your users.

Geographic Solutions Virtual Tour Guide

Interactively Welcome and Guide Users Through the Virtual OneStop® Experience

Welcome visitors to your Virtual OneStop site with a custom informational-video using a virtual spokesperson. Individuals and Employers are formally greeted with a message customized to any specific WIB area, industry, or designed as an orientation to the services available on the site.

Choose to position your Virtual Tour Guide on the front landing page or on specific internal pages. Your Virtual Tour Guide will walk users step-by-step as they enter information pertinent to their job search or through the process of entering a job posting.

Sample of a front landing page script:
“Welcome to Virtual OneStop – the most advanced and comprehensive workforce system available online. Employers can find qualified job candidates; job seekers can find jobs and career information. This site also provides labor market information, training providers, and much more. Simply click on the appropriate button to get started.”
(48 total word count)

Internal scripts will play once the individual enters each page or when content is manually filled out and completed for a selected section. Simple triggers are necessary to cue the next video.

Sample of an internal page script:
"Section two asks for your social security number. Enter your social security number twice without dashes. Your social security number is important if you're receiving services from a federal program or if you need to for unemployment benefits. Please complete this section now."
(43 total word count)
Sample follow-up internal page script:
"Now that you've completed this section, review your information. When you are ready, click the NEXT button. This will save your information as you continue."
(28 total word count)

For any internal pages, error scripts can be used to further assist users in filling out forms.

Sample of an error text:
"Sorry, the red text message at the top of the page indicates a question you have missed or is incomplete. Please correct what is noted, and then click the NEXT button again to advance to the next section."
(38 total word count)

Do You Have a Specific Demographic You Would Like to Target?

Grab visitors’ attention with messages specific to veterans’ reemployment, individuals in the agricultural industry, Spanish or French-speaking job seekers, those looking for work during disaster recovery efforts, and even the hearing impaired. The customization options are limitless.

Videos can be created in a variety of languages including Spanish, French, Portuguese, Persian, Arabic, Russian, and Chinese (Mandarin). There is also a variety of different tour guides (video talent) available to pick from. Virtual Tour Guides can be created with closed captions and sign language.

Sample of customized demographic script:
“First of all, whether you’re a veteran or spouse of a veteran, thank you for your service! This section contains four military service questions. If you select ‘Yes’ for any of these questions, the screen will expand for additional questions. Once you are finished, click the NEXT button to proceed.”
(50 total word count)

The options to customize your Virtual OneStop are limitless! For more information on how we can give your Virtual OneStop a personal touch, please contact the Geographic Solutions’ Marketing Manager at 888-710-4867.

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