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An integrated set of tools that enhance productivity and services.

VOSGreeter - The One-Stop Customer Traffic Management Module

The Virtual OneStop VOSGreeter module helps local one-stops meet their goal of reducing costs and improving efficiencies - reducing staff time and effort, as well as administrative costs, for the purpose of service tracking and reporting.

The Virtual OneStop VOSGreeter module is an integrated tool to improve one-stop efficiency. Finally do away with sign-in sheets; as this module operates on any Internet-ready kiosk. Individuals simply identify themselves at a kiosk, either via a magnetic scan card (see VOScan – scan card tracking module) or by entering their last name and the last four digits of their Social Security number. The person is then asked to enter the reason for their visit. The list of options for the individual to choose is customizable by staff with the appropriate privileges.

These services are recorded and integrated in the Virtual OneStop database along with all of the other services recorded for the specific individual. If the person is there to meet with a member of staff, the appropriate people are notified of the individual waiting (via an on-screen pop up). If there is more than one person waiting, they are put in a queue and staff can indicate that they are going to greet this person and work with them, removing them from the queue.

Not only does VOSGreeter eliminate the need for sign-in sheets, it also saves time for the job seeker because they do not have to manually write down everything they are there to do. And ultimately, it saves staff time by automating the queue and service-entry process.

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The VOSGreeter module is available at an additional cost.
Kiosk workstations must be purchased separately.

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