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Training / Support / Maintenance

Whether training for a new system or educating workforce staff, our experienced trainers will develop a plan to ensure the most for your investment. Comprehensive technical support is provided by experienced workforce professionals. Our Internet-based Online Project Communications system allows customers to identify issues and enhancements, and track status updates. Our maintenance plan includes periodic software updates and enhancements.

Our training department's blended learning approach brings together the best of both face-to-face and online strategies. We offer a range of plans designed to accommodate your agency's needs.

  • On-Site Training
    Our on-site training brings our experienced training staff to you. This option is ideal for providing individual instruction to staff. Training occurs on a copy of your own system and includes the specific features incorporated in your solution. Many of our customers find that direct staff training is the quickest method of learning the system.
  • Online Training
    The online self-paced tutorial videos located in the Learning Center are designed to give individuals, employers, and staff better insight into the functionality of Virtual OneStop. We also create customized courses to address local specific areas in VOS.
  • Webinars
    This option provides you with an opportunity to polish your skills in a convenient, interactive environment. Staff can join from their location by logging in to our web based conference room — all you need is a web browser and a telephone. This instructor led training is very flexible and can focus on specific areas of your software solution.
  • Lunchtime Learning
    Another training option available are the Lunchtime Learning Sessions, which are presented via webinars.  The sessions are offered every other month and are restricted to an hour.  They include follow-up resources, such as power points and videos, available through the Community Forum.
  • Monthly Training Tips
    The Training Tips have become a popular addition to our Community Bulletin Board.  These training tips include a video that provides real-world examples or short-cuts in functionality recommended by users in the field and they are fun!  A new training tip is launched each month.

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Training Modules

Our specific training modules can be customized to fit your busy schedule. Please select the courses you are interested in below.

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