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Comprehensive data research and analysis in one source.

Solutions for Labor Market Analysts

The Next Generation of Workforce LMI - Virtual LMI ®

The new generation of labor market information systems introduces groundbreaking delivery mechanisms that are being used across the nation to present traditional and real-time labor market information to job seekers and employers in order for them to make informed career choices and better understand the labor force where they are advertising job openings. Labor market information, partnered together with other transactional data, creates a dynamic resource for analysts, job seekers, and employers to review data on occupations, geographies, and industries.

Incorporating labor market information into a labor exchange system certainly gives job seekers a better understanding of the location of jobs, the size of the labor pool which are applying for those jobs, the wages associated with them, and training opportunities nearby to aid them in education, training, and skill development. Similarly, employers who have access to labor market information take advantage of research tools that allow them to become more competative with other employers looking for qualified talent.

Virtual LMI includes multiple functions for dynamic research, comparison, and analysis purposes. The user-friendly interface, accessed via the Internet, provides comprehensive occupational, real-time, and historic LMI data spidered from thousands of sources on the Internet, the Workforce Information Database (WID), O*NET database, the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook, as well as those posted to our Virtual OneStop sites. Customize data, menu widgets and cutting edge dashboard interfaces give analysts the flexibility to run custom reports based on specific areas, demographics, industries, wages, economic indicators, and so much more.

Virtual LMI boasts a plethora of new features including the ability for analysts to add custom content directly to result pages such as LAUS and OES (via CRM), customize data/menu widgets, and utilize interactive graphing capabilities, as well as industry and occupational search options.

Analytic Key Points


Analyze Industrial data for projections based on Current Employment Stats (CES). Explore quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, Staffing Patterns and Industry Employment Projections for long and short term.

Area Profile

Choose an area to profile and review industry information within that area, current and projected growth, jobs available, occupational wages, and industries that employ certain occupations.


Access jobs, unemployment and supply-and-demand data by industry. Occupation projections, real-time and historical wages, unemployment insurance claims, job openings and applicants, as well as licensed occupations.

Education Services

Training and education provider listings for any chosen region or state. Explore course information and contact info and degree completion rates.

Labor Force

Review Commuting Patterns, Labor Force Employment and Unemployment, supply and demand ratios, and filed Unemployment claims. Several federal reports in one centralized source.

Income and Wages

Analyze Per Capita Total Personal Income and Total Personal Income, Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, and Occupational wages.

Economic Indicators

Consumer Price Index (CPI) data, property values, taxes, local permits and retail sales based on time periods chosen.


Examine U.S. Census Commuting Patterns, Labor Force criteria, income and population statistics.


Select areas, industries, and occupations and compare side-by-side in regards to labor force, wages, income, occupations, industries, and other helpful information.


Conduct employer searches by specific types of industries. Collect figures on Mass layoffs/WARN notifications.

Data Export

Integrated in the service functions. Export data for reporting purposes in Excel, text, or graphical formats.

Dashboards - a Quicker Way to Get Where You're Going

Virtual LMI includes a dashboard designed specifically for analysts. Using
the same integrated look and feel of the dashboards used by individual
users, employers and staff, the analysts' dashboard provides direct links to
many areas in the system.


Analysts can configure their newly-added dashboard view, data and menu
widgets in order to preview a snapshot of data customized to the user's
pre-selected region. Users can directly click to the results page for the
dataset shown in any widget. Add multiple widgets for multiple areas.
Customize and change selections using links and drop down menus.


For more information on how to fully-integrate your LMI site,
call (888) 710-4867 or email

New Dashboard

New Dashboard feature

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