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Virtual LMI

Countless Challenges Eliminated with ONE Online Solution.

As a labor market information professional, you're faced with many challenges. Financial resources are scarce, and success is based on strict performance measures. You've got legislators and board members demanding real-time and historical reports, streamlined service delivery, and coordination with workforce agencies and partners.

Virtual LMI is a comprehensive system that offers the following range of services:

  • Provides labor market information to individuals seeking jobs, training, and program information.
  • Assists employers looking to recruit talent and assess the labor market.
  • Helps providers to successfully promote their programs; and
  • Allow LMI professionals to automate their work and increase service efficiency.

Access to current, local labor market data to conduct in-depth analyses and comparisons is vital for developing successful strategies for retaining employers, attracting new businesses, and securing new investments. Virtual LMI’s unique combination of national, state, and real-time data, integrated into one analysis tool, is a winning combination for all workforce and economic development agencies.

Timely, Quality Data is the Difference

Virtual LMI provides the cleanest, most accurate economic data available, centralized in one location. This includes our high-quality database of historical and aggregate national jobs data. The jobs database offers a glimpse into the real-time job market, with the ability to compare changes over time. Analysts are able to perform customized labor market studies using information from government surveys and real-time supply and demand data. The system has flexible controls for search criteria based on time periods, geographic divisions (e.g., multiple states, counties, cities, metropolitan areas, or regions), occupations (O*NET), industries (NAICS), job listing sources, or selection of a specific employer.

In-Context Labor Market Information

Virtual OneStop provides easy access to current labor market information when the individual needs it. For example, an individual looking at a specific job posting can compare information such as typical wage rates, the total number of similar jobs available locally and the competition for the job. Detailed facts and figures are always available.

Entirely User-Friendly

Virtual LMI can be accessed at any time from any computer with Internet access, and is available to Spanish-speaking users and the visually impaired. Virtual LMI uses the Workforce Information Database (WID) and is integrated directly into systems such as O*NET.

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