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Focusing on finding the right candidates.

Solutions for Employers

Virtual OneStop was designed with the understanding that employers are key customers in any workforce system. Employers can access Virtual OneStop online to post job orders, search resumes for qualified applicants, access industry statistics, and utilize other resources. Staff can also directly assist employers to ensure they get the results they require.

Advanced Recruiting Tools for Employers

Virtual OneStop provides some of the most advanced solutions available to employers for online recruiting, including advanced resumé search tools, automated correspondence, and applicant tracking. The system provides user-friendly functionality that is superior to any modern, private job board. This ensures that Virtual OneStop is a true focused recruiting tool for employers to find suitable candidates, rather than simply being a referral system.

Find Today’s Top Talent

Virtual OneStop provides the recruiting tools that today’s employers demand. The system has an array of search, screening, and ranking tools to help the employer quickly identify the candidates that meet their exact needs. The candidate search component lets employers and staff search resumés entered through the system by staff or individuals. This provides an intelligent, yet easy-to-use mechanism that allows an employer to quickly find suitable talent.

Focused Resumé Searches

Virtual OneStop effectively locates the most qualified talent for employers. The system combines simple and basic search options with more advanced candidate matching features that allow employers the flexibility of performing a true “targeted” talent search. The system will display candidate resumés with a ranking mechanism that allows employers to easily select which applicants are the most qualified.

Easily Advertise Job Openings

Employers can use the Virtual OneStop Job Order component to quickly create and post the job orders that describe their job openings, requisitions, and the required qualifications. It’s as easy as selecting an occupation, entering a location, contact information, and the details of the position. Employers can enjoy the simplicity of creating a job posting by using standard job description templates, required skills, etc. Employers may even link to the latest labor market intelligence to ensure the jobs they post offer competitive salaries, benefits, and other advantages.

A User-Friendly Applicant Tracking System

Virtual OneStop includes screens that pinpoint a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses and allows employers to efficiently select the best match for their needs. Employers can manage all their job openings from one screen and track applicants through every step of the recruiting process. The system provides communications and correspondence functionality for employers and staff to help automate their recruiting process and improve productivity. The Virtual Recruiter component allows employers to save a resumé search and run it periodically to identify any new talent that fit the search criteria. Results are sent to the employer’s message box, to an email address, or even to their cell phone as a text message.

Searching for Qualified Talent

Job Openings Available

Managing Job Orders

Job Openings Available

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