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Helping job seekers choose the right career.

Solutions for Individuals

Virtual OneStop delivers workforce development services to individuals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any location with Internet access. Customers can access employment and training assistance at home in their pajamas. No more waiting in line. Virtual OneStop also includes interfaces for Spanish-speaking customers, as well as those that are Visually-Impaired – AND – Virtual OneStop will track all activity.

The Pinnacle in Job Search Technology

Virtual OneStop uses “Database Intelligence” techniques to allow the user to rapidly search jobs based on comprehensive criteria. Using this state-of-the-art mechanism known as “Laser Job Search Technology,” the user can scan through millions of jobs instantly. The system provides capability well beyond a simple keyword search, permitting multiple search criteria including occupation, industry, skills, salary, employer name, and more.

Find the Most Jobs

Our VOSJobs® component provides easy access to the largest number of unduplicated online job opportunities currently available in one location. We aggregate millions of jobs that are posted online every day, whether they originated on the largest job board or the most obscure corporate web site. We continually search through the web sites of local newspapers, recruiters, hospitals, government sites, and more to pull in all the best jobs.

More Than Just a Job Board

Finding a quality job in economically challenging times can be a very difficult task. Providing job seekers access to as many potential job opportunities as possible is important. Equally important, is allowing them to target opportunities that are the most suitable. Virtual OneStop’s Career Tools allow individuals to analyze their unique skills and interests, as well as what is important to them in a job. For those that find they have a significant skills gap, the system will point to available training programs and funding sources. Additionally, the system will allow the job seeker to review the labor market in any local area, occupation, or industry. This allows the individual to effectively focus their job search and results in a higher success rate – both in obtaining employment and in retaining the job over time.

Targeting Quality Jobs

At Geographic Solutions, we emphasize the quality of job postings, not just the quantity. Our unique job assimilation mechanism removes inappropriate jobs and increases the number of high-paying, high-skilled positions available to all job seekers. Virtual OneStop also provides the ability to track and control job seekers’ access to these jobs and to count job searches in performance measures. We precisely code our jobs with the O*NET and NAICS classifications for accurate and effective reporting. We even identify specialty opportunities such as “Green Jobs”. Virtual OneStop matches job seekers with the right jobs.

Industry-Leading Resumé Builder

The Virtual OneStop Resumé Builder component takes all the guesswork out of creating a professional-looking resumé. The Resumé Builder helps individuals build a resumé step-by-step, gather essential background information, and arrange skills, employment history, education, and other essential information. Resumés can be stored and utilized by the many career exploration and job searching functions within Virtual OneStop. Individuals can create multiple resumés and post them online for prospective employers to view. They can also automatically import their existing resumés from a variety of electronic formats, and use this data to perform targeted job searches.

Comprehensive Education and Training Data

Virtual OneStop allows both individuals and employers to explore current training providers and programs online. Users can find training to fill a skills gap or prepare them for a new career. The system provides the capability to perform a competitive side-by-side comparison between providers of items such as tuition, fees, completion rates, wages, and placement rates.

In-Context Labor Market Information

Virtual OneStop provides easy access to current labor market information when the individual needs it. For example, an individual looking at a current job posting can compare information such as typical wage rates, the total number of similar jobs available locally and the competition for the job. Detailed facts and figures are always available.

Automated Job Searches

Virtual Recruiter® allows individuals to save a job search and run it periodically to identify any new job postings that fit the search criteria. Results are reported to the job seeker’s message box, to an email address, or even to their cell phone as a text message. Users may also modify the search frequency or redeploy them manually whenever they choose.

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