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What is Virtual OneStop®?

Virtual OneStop is the most advanced and comprehensive workforce development software available. The system provides integrated services via the Internet for individuals, employers, training providers, workforce staff, and one-stop partners. From its initial deployment in 1998, Virtual OneStop has been the benchmark for workforce development systems. Virtual OneStop dramatically improves customer satisfaction, staff efficiency, and overall performance. In addition to the core and intensive services delivered by Virtual OneStop, the system offers easy access to key reporting features to provide management with valuable information for improved service delivery and enhanced performance. Virtual OneStop is the perfect solution for state or local workforce agencies.

Let Virtual OneStop Take You to the Next Level

Virtual OneStop will significantly increase the size and quality of your available talent pool and access to jobs. The system's state-of-the-art flexible functionality will be enthusiastically embraced by staff, job seekers, and employers alike. Virtual OneStop provides you with a solution that will become the centerpiece that takes your workforce system to the next level.

It's all in Virtual OneStop:

  • Millions of quality, unduplicated job postings from across the Internet
  • The most powerful job search engine available
  • Career tools to allow job seekers to effectively find jobs that match their skills, values, and interests
  • User-friendly options to assess the local labor market
  • State-of-the-art interface for employers looking to advertise jobs and recruit talent
  • Comprehensive information on education, training programs, and financial aid
  • Automated case management and financial tracking tools for staff
  • Efficient management of federal workforce programs including the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, Wagner-Peyser Act, Trade, Adult Education, Vocational Rehabilitation, and more.
  • Direct state and federal reporting

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