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It's all about improved performance.

Solutions for Workforce Professionals

Virtual OneStop puts customer information at a staff member’s fingertips. Data entry is automated, intelligent drop down menus and business rules ensure accurate data entry. Data security and integrity are ensured and duplicate data entry is eliminated.

Comprehensive Client Tracking

From the minute someone walks in the door and signs onto the system, Virtual OneStop tracks every service provided. The system reports services delivered from any location, whether the customer is at home, or working with staff. Services are tracked and measured by individual, event, location, and staff member. Providing services online promotes customer independence and helps to increase a one-stop’s performance levels. Virtual OneStop tracks the services you provide to both employers and individuals. Virtual OneStop introduces full accountability and improves overall performance.

Comprehensive Case Management

Virtual OneStop provides a flexible solution for case managers and other supervisory staff members to enter and share information on participants receiving core, intensive and/or training services through federal, state, and local programs. Case management tracking is available for individuals participating in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), Wagner-Peyser Act, Trade Act, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Unemployment Insurance (UI), and other programs that may be defined on a state or local level.

Case Management Tools Your Staff Members Deserve

Our advanced case management functionality allows staff to automatically review and determine program eligibility, conduct common intake and program enrollment, record detailed case notes, assign multiple cases, complete Individual Employment Plans (IEPs), assist Veterans, provide referrals, track placement and outcomes, conduct timely follow-ups, and much more. The system is efficient and user-friendly, minimizing staff training time.

The Next Generation of Labor Exchange

Virtual OneStop provides your staff with the latest tools to easily refer their customers to multiple job postings from the best employers. Referral letters, messages, and emails can be automatically generated and sent out to employers, as well as job seekers. Using our labor exchange tools, staff can quickly analyze any individual’s employment and education history, review their skills and requirements, and pinpoint candidates that meet an employer’s precise needs. Virtual OneStop will report all labor exchange activities as required under the Wagner-Peyser Act, including all 9002-series reports.

Integrated Financial Tracking

Virtual OneStop provides the means to manage individual expenditures at any given moment. Real-time fund management tracks allocations, commitments, and expenditures. Virtual OneStop’s financial tracking system allows for effective management of training budgets and contracts. Virtual OneStop will let you track all your participant costs.

Performance Reporting

Virtual OneStop tracks, predicts, and reports the core indicators of your workforce system’s performance, including job placement rates, earnings, employment retention, skill gains, and credentials earned. Add impact to your reports by using graphs and maps, or save the data to Excel. With the click of a mouse, Virtual OneStop reports provide management with valuable information to improve service delivery and enhance performance.

Comply with State and Federal Standards

Virtual OneStop integrates directly with national job banks, O*NET, and other standardized programs. Virtual OneStop directly outputs reports for Federal programs including WIA (9090, 9091), Wagner-Peyser (9002, VETS200, 9048, MIC), Trade Act (TAPR), American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (9147, 9148, 9149), etc. Geographic Solutions’ experienced staff members maintain Virtual OneStop to meet both state and federal reporting requirements so there is never a question regarding compliance.

Training and Service Providers

Virtual OneStop offers the opportunity for training providers to enter school and program information online so it is available to individuals seeking training. Providers can submit program and performance information for review. Staff can easily enroll their clients in a specific program, create individual training accounts, and draw down money for the individual from the appropriate funding streams.

Conversion and Interfaces with Legacy Systems

Geographic Solutions has extensive experience working with legacy data systems. One-time conversions and system interfaces provide the versatility for your organization to offer a multi-agency, comprehensive workforce program in any community. Real-time interfaces can link unemployment insurance, education, workforce, corrections, economic development, and human services agencies for coordinated, efficient service delivery. You can connect all your systems with Virtual OneStop.

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