Benefits of an Integrated System

The Power of Virtual OneStop® (VOS) Sapphire

One Full Service Solution to Manage It All


Geographic Solutions is the only vendor to offer a system that combines all aspects of workforce development and unemployment insurance services into one unified software solution. The VOS Sapphire Software Suite offers over 100 functional modules and components that can be adapted to meet the exact requirements of any workforce organization. 


VOS Sapphire includes an application for both workforce registration and the filing of an initial claim, combining all services through a single website that assists with making these processes more efficient. Custom modules are available for all workforce programs, helping to reduce data entry, streamline the case management process, and provide better access to tools that encourage proactive reemployment efforts.

VOS Sapphire is One System, One Technology, and One Login for All Users

Unify Employment Services

With a Customized System Built for Your Agency


Choosing an integrated system eliminates the challenges of maintaining and interfacing software components constructed with different technology, even if it is from the same vendor. VOS Sapphire and its integrated modules provide many benefits to agency staff, providers, job seekers, and employers.

  • Improved Service Delivery and Employment Outcomes

    One website that gives access to all services available helps eliminate confusion, reduce duplicate data entry, and improve the overall customer service experience. Individuals are given the right tools and resources in one location to help them become reemployed.
  • More Effective Connections to Services

    An advanced common registration integrates multiple programs in a single system, ensuring dislocated workers are more connected to the services available to them. Staff have access to enhanced tools to respond to client obligations in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Prevention of Long-Term Unemployment

    Transactional data can increase the accuracy of the model used to predict which claimants are likely to exhaust their benefits or encounter barriers. The system focuses on finding individuals a job that suits their knowledge and skills, rather than focusing on just receiving benefits.
  • Increased Early Intervention and Layoff Aversion

    Using real-time labor data, job seekers can get a true picture of the supply and demand in their local area. Current data can also provide early warnings of layoff trends and help guide rapid response activities to connect dislocated workers with employment services.
  • Better Accessibility through Self-Service Features

    Job seekers and employers enter key information in one location, which results in less data errors and a more accurate and effective workforce system. A reduced burden on staff allows for more time to focus on individualized services or training.
  • Enhanced Identification of Service Delivery Needs

    Integrated labor market information from current transactional jobs and résumé data, which has been gathered within the last twenty-four hour period, can be used to identify the most appropriate services to support dislocated workers at the time they are needing assistance.

Make the Choice to Integrate Your System

And Improve Workforce and UI Processes in Your Area