Corporate Culture

A Career With Meaning

And a Greater Purpose for Good


Geographic Solutions currently employs over 460 professionals throughout the United States in the fields of software development, business analysis, quality assurance, project management, system architecture, and administrative support.


We implement our own software and provide both the technology and the staff to develop and support our products from start to finish, without the need to outsource any of our core competencies. We pride ourselves on hiring and retaining exceptional talent, as well as maintaining a positive working environment that encourages collaboration, growth, and balance.


Our employees are our greatest asset. We recognize that every single individual we hire strengthens our company and plays an integral part of our goal of providing software that puts people back to work.

Current Openings

What Keeps Us Grounded

Staying True to Our Core Values


Company culture matters! You could do your job at any company, but it’s a work environment that can define your happiness. The environment we create is just as important as the day-to-day work that we do. We have developed these eight core values to guide our internal conduct, as well as our relationships with our employees and clients.


Our company is always looking for ways to support our local community. We are passionate about the area and find it important to be generous with what we have been afforded. We plan to continue to make a positive difference around us.

The Perks

Creating Company Culture and Peace of Mind


Our employees enjoy a challenging, fast-paced, team-oriented environment, while being covered by one of the most competitive employee benefits packages offered today.

Our team enjoys employer-paid health coverage for all full-time employees with optional additional coverage for family members; as well as additional insurance available for dental, vision, Health Saving Accounts, short/long term disability, 401(k) plans, and supplemental life.

Our employee-driven wellness committee is dedicated to providing health screenings, wellness activities, and educational seminars. Employees enjoy access to an onsite gym, health clubs discounts, and company-sponsored sport teams.

We have a variety of formal and informal ways we celebrate accomplishments and applaud hard work and excellent results. Management makes every effort to recognize deserving employees of their value in a personalized and meaningful way.

Geographic Solutions empowers team members to strengthen their skills to thrive in their current job and grow professionally. We offer position-based training, professional development seminars, certifications, and encourage formal continuing education.

A happy work environment equates to a happy employee. Geographic Solutions offer employees a generous amount of paid time off, a relaxed/business casual dress environment, onsite or work from home options, ergonomic desks, as well as complimentary beverages and fresh fruit.

We work hard, but we like to have fun too. Employees are given a chance to kick back at company-sponsored cookouts, spirit days, potlucks, family and teambuilding events, networking socials, and our annual Holiday Party.

Just Some of the Reasons

Why Our Employees Love Working Here

Sharing and Celebrating Our Differences

Through our Employee Driven Inclusion Committee


We want our employees to feel recognized, celebrated, and a part of a bigger picture. This is especially important in today’s remote work environment. We also realize that different viewpoints and experiences can lend to endless possibilities for growth, expansion, and the pursuit of fresh ideas.


Our Management Team, in collaboration with members of the Geographic Solutions Culture Crew, decided it was time to establish a diverse and enthusiastic group of individuals to explore, celebrate, and acknowledge all the wonderful things that make us different and unique. The Inclusion Committee was assembled during an open call, and the response was overwhelming. We were able to pull together representation from a broad range of ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, national origins, gender identities or expressions, abilities, and age ranges. This group includes veterans and takes into consideration various types of family status. These ‘allies,’ as we like to call them, are committed to making real change and cultivating an environment of inclusivity for all who work or are interested in working for Geographic Solutions. The Inclusion Committee is devoted to organizing company events, providing resources and information, creating support groups, participating in activities, and so much more. The opportunities are endless, and we are open to all ideas and involvement.


It is the committee’s hope, that through the work and information shared, that we can attract, retain, and celebrate talent from all walks of life. Different perspectives truly make our company unique.

In this graphically-designed image, Virtual Career Center’s home page is featured on the front of a desktop monitor, tablet computer, and smart phone.


The map below gives a visual representation to how globally diverse our team really is.


Girl in a jacket

We Are an Ally

And an LGBTQ+-Friendly Employer


The inclusion of LGBTQ+ individuals is vital to our organization as it promotes equality, diversity, varied backgrounds, and a sense of belonging. We encourage our team members to openly express themselves without fear of prejudice or bigotry.


To promote a positive, inclusive working environment, we have put in place rules and programs that remove discrimination, promote equality, protect rights, and foster acceptance. We strive to make sure that LGBTQ+ individuals feel appreciated and respected in the workplace by offering assistance, resources, and often times - the most important - an ear to listen.


Below are just a few of the rules, policies, and programs we currently have in place:


Geographic Solutions affords equal opportunity to all Employees and prospective employees without regard to race, color, age, gender, pregnancy, genetic information, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnic background, disability, military service, veteran or marital status, or any other characteristic protected by law in the following employment practices: recruitment, hiring, placement, transfer, promotion, demotion, selection for training, layoff, termination, determination of service, rate of pay, benefit plans, compensation, and other personnel actions. Geographic Solutions will not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment and will take appropriate disciplinary action, including possible termination, of any person determined to have engaged in unlawful conduct under this policy.

Geographic Solutions prohibits and has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, physical or mental disability, marital status, medical condition, pregnancy, gender, genetic information, sexual orientation, age, or any other protected basis, includes behavior similar to sexual harassment, such as:


Verbal conduct such as threats, epithets, derogatory comments, or slurs

Visual conduct such as derogatory posters, photographs, cartoons, drawings, or gestures

Physical conduct such as assault, unwanted touching, or blocking normal movement

Retaliation for reporting harassment or threatening to report harassment.


Geographic Solutions' complaint procedure provides for an immediate, thorough, and objective investigation of any claim of unlawful or prohibited harassment; appropriate disciplinary action against one found to have engaged in prohibited harassment; and appropriate remedies for any victim of harassment.

The Inclusion Committee was assembled during an open call, and the response was overwhelming. We were able to pull together representation from a broad range of ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, national origins, gender identities or expressions, abilities, and age ranges. These individuals made it their mission to make change happen and to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all employees.