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Our apprenticeship program is both mutually beneficial and immersive. Apprentices contribute to our processes with fresh ideas and new approaches to software development. Relationships such as these, allow our company to continuously push the boundaries of our software in new and exciting ways.


It also gives the apprentice an opportunity to build hard and soft workplace skills, gain exposure to different roles and departments, and figure out which branch of software development/technology suits them best. These opportunities can serve as a giant steppingstone to a meaningful career in tech, as well provide a chance to be a part of something great – putting people back to work.


We've partnered with St. Petersburg College to create our apprenticeship program.


New Talent Invigorates the Company

And Leads to Potential Future Employees


Frequently Asked Questions


Our apprenticeships are competency-based. The program will measure the apprentice’s successful demonstration of acquired skills and knowledge, as verified by the program sponsor (Geographic Solutions). Apprentices must complete an On-the-Job Training (OJT) component and a Related Technical Instruction (RTI) component.


It is critical that apprentices complete 2,080 hours within 12 months. RTI will require at least 320 hours of time throughout the program. Upon completion of the program, the apprentice is issued a nationally recognized Completion of Apprenticeship certification from the State of Florida.

The time apprentices spend on the job under supervision will consist of learning through demonstration and hands-on practice. This is an integral portion of the apprenticeship program and provides the apprentices with theoretical and technical knowledge-based skills to be a successful journey worker. Employers will also have a direct influence on what the apprentices learn throughout their work processes and related instruction provided by Saint Petersburg College.

The program is outlined for one year and the apprentice must complete 2,080 hours within that time.

A majority of our positions are remote, but there are a handful that do require the apprentice to be onsite. It depends on the position, so it is best to inquire with our Apprenticeship Program Coordinator for more details.

Yes, all apprenticeships with Geographic Solutions are paid. As apprentices gain higher levels of skills, they will receive structured wage increases. In order to receive the wage increase, apprentices must pass the course certification and at least 5 competencies that being met during that quarter.


During an apprenticeship, apprentices are treated as a full-time hourly employee. They will accrue PTO after 90 days and receive benefits.

Our apprenticeship opportunities will be posted in the fall of each year. Please check our Current Openings page in the fall of each year.

An updated résumé
One or more of the following: a cover letter, responses to multiple short answer questions, the latest transcript available or an aptitude test depending on the track and location

Have you seen our list of open positions? Well let’s just say we are GROWING and always looking for another team member! In most scenarios, as long as the apprentice is a good fit and there is a position available in the desired department, the apprentice be welcomed to join our team in a full-time role. Discussions for next steps should be made within the last 3 months of the apprenticeship.