Providing Assistance to Individuals Most in Need

Facilitating Service Delivery to Core WIOA Programs


The Wagner-Peyser case management module in Virtual OneStop has been designed to help staff provide labor exchange assistance to individuals who need it the most, as well as gather the necessary data needed to report on these services. The system is in full compliance with federal reporting and data collection requirements under WIOA.

Federally-Funded Labor Exchange Services
That Match Employers with Job Seekers

Meeting the Requirements of the Wagner-Peyser Act

With Effective Program Tools for Staff


Geographic Solutions has designed the Wagner-Peyser case management module to meet the requirements of TEGL 10-16. The system automatically creates the Wagner-Peyser application upon system registration, and collects the information related to a registered individual. This allows the system to record services deemed appropriate under the guidance as general information services available to all individuals.


  • Application Wizard

    Wagner-Peyser applications are automatically created upon system registration and collect the data required for an individual to become registered and start receiving services. Staff can use the application wizard to collect all data elements for federal reporting if additional assistance is needed.
  • Jobs for Veterans State Grants Program

    Authorized staff have the ability to track services funded through special grants, including the JVSG program. The system provides ease of tracking and reporting of services provided to eligible participants under guidance provided by the U.S. Department of Labor.
  • Veterans Employment and Training Services

    Various system configuration settings are available to help govern labor exchange efforts for veterans, who take priority of service at workforce development agencies. These components include job orders marked with a veteran preference and specific training resources.
  • Special Grant Eligibility

    When establishing Jobs for Veterans State Grants and/or Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker programs, Wagner-Peyser eligibility is automatically established. Following state policy, the individual is placed into performance with customer groups and services based upon their eligibility.
  • Service Tracking

    In addition to the Wagner-Peyser program services that the system records due to client self-service, staff can record and track labor exchange services provided to their customers via single-service or multiple-service entry.
  • Communication Tools

    At all times, staff can record specific comments or observations associated with the service by adding a case note. The system’s communication tools use service data to create reminders for staff about services they have scheduled.
  • Case Closure

    Once all services display an actual end date, staff members can complete the Wagner-Peyser closure form, which serves as a bridge between active program enrollment and program exit. Form completion acknowledges that the participant will no longer receive planned services.
  • Results-Driven Outcomes

    Based on a set of federally-recognized global exclusions, staff can create outcomes, which helps them gather and maintain data for use in federal reporting, such as automatic follow-up records spanning four quarters after a participant’s official program exit.

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