Registered Apprenticeship

Supporting States' Efforts

To Create Highly-Skilled Talent Pipelines


Since the signing of the Executive Order on Expanding Apprenticeships in the United States in June 2017, employers have hired over 710,000 apprentices across the country. Combining experiential learning with classroom instruction provides a pathway to highly-skilled and credentialed careers for individuals, while providing employers with an opportunity to cultivate the talent they need.


Apprenticeships allow individuals to enter the workforce, earn wages, and obtain specialized knowledge and training that provide a pathway to a career with growth potential. Providers are able to reap huge benefits as well. Facing dwindling numbers of appropriately-skilled workers, employers are given the opportunity to create the workforce they need by connecting education with the modern workplace. Unions and other trade organizations are able to ensure their numbers stay high, and educational institutions will discover a student population not previously open to them.

In this picture, an apprentice teaches a student at a construction site.

Streamlining Case Management

While Meeting the Needs of Employers and Individuals


In response to a renewed focus on apprenticeship programs, Geographic Solutions has developed an Apprenticeship Module to monitor and track Registered Apprenticeships (RA), Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs (IRAP), and other programs that incorporate on-the-job training and instruction. The Apprenticeship Module serves as a case management conduit between individuals, providers, and agency staff.




  • ● Register for Programs and Eligibility Determination
  • ● Identify National Key Industry Sectors
  • ● Obtain Measurable Skills Gained and Credentials


  • ● Track RA, IRAP, and Other Programs
  • ● Include Type of Provider, Employment, and Education Partners
  • ● Type of Program and Credential Opportunity

Agency Staff

  • ● Establish Program and Funding Types
  • ● Monitor Participant Activities, Enrollment, and Services
  • ● Track Program Exit, Follow Up, and Compile Completion Reports

Integrated Data Collection

Eases Comprehensive Reporting


Offered as a standalone or integrated module within Virtual OneStop® (VOS) Sapphire, this solution captures necessary data regarding programs and participants and compiles the data for federal reporting. Reports can ascertain the extent to which states' goals have been achieved, and identify areas for improvement.


The type of data collection afforded by this module presents an opportunity for comprehensive reporting that can reinforce the message to the public about the advantage of apprenticeship programs. The Apprenticeship Module helps draw a clear picture of the advantages of apprenticeship programs and how they fit into a state’s – and broader education and workforce – strategies.


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