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Through insightful interviews with workforce development leaders, policy experts, and innovators, the VOScast illuminates the latest trends, ideas, and success stories related to equipping and empowering America's workforce.


With over 30 years as pioneers in the workforce technology space, Geographic Solutions utilizes their unparalleled industry access and perspective to produce a podcast that gets into the stories that matter most for workforce professionals.


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The inaugural episode of the VOScast podcast features La Tunya Goodwin, President of the Sparta Hancock Chamber of Commerce and Executive Director of WorkSource East Central Georgia. La Tunya discusses her background, and her work providing career services and supporting entrepreneurs and job seekers throughout rural Georgia, as well as trends she's seeing in the healthcare and cybersecurity jobs sectors. La Tunya discusses her experiences at the 2023 Workforce Technology Conference as well.

In this episode of VOScast, host Evan Brenner interviews Richard Boone, Geographic Solutions’ Business Development Executive for the corrections space. They discuss trends in the corrections and reentry industry, including technology integration and employer openness to hiring those with criminal records. Richard also provides background on Geographic Solutions' VOS REO platform that connects incarcerated individuals to jobs and resources pre-release, as well as the importance of collaboration between corrections, workforce development, and other agencies to reduce recidivism through employment.

In this third episode of VOScast, host Evan Brenner interviews Liliya Tanska, a Workforce Business Analyst Team Lead at Geographic Solutions, about the importance of reporting in the workforce development industry. They discuss Liliya's background managing youth workforce programs in Pinellas County, Florida, and how that experience has informed her work on reporting tools within the company's software. Liliya also outlines the evolution of reporting from spreadsheets to robust business intelligence platforms, highlighting new collaboration features and artificial intelligence for automated data insights. She explains how reporting aids strategic planning, performance monitoring, and improving outcomes for service recipients.

In this episode of VOScast, host Evan Brenner interviews national workforce consultant Melanie Arthur about trends in workforce training and development in 2024 and beyond. Melanie reveals how states are reinvesting in staff training and getting back to basics after high turnover during the pandemic. She also discusses the pros and cons of webinar-based training versus classroom training, the importance of bite-sized and recorded training, and how to make training practical through examples and demonstrations.

This episode features a conversation with Kevin Mohajerin from the Alabama Department of Commerce, as he shares insights on the importance of data in workforce development, particularly within WIOA and performance analytics. You'll discover the opportunities for analysts to leverage performance analytics, including using optional performance measures, optimizing training programs, and addressing skill gaps. Kevin highlights Alabama's efforts in creating a performance interface, demonstrating the value of data matching and interoperability between agencies. The conversation explores trends in data validation and performance analytics, touching on the potential of AI and the challenges of cloud-based solutions.



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