National Farmworker Jobs Program

Guiding Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers

To Secure and Sustainable Employment


The National Farmworker Jobs Program (NFJP) case management module in Virtual OneStop assists staff with managing migrant and seasonal farmworkers through the program to help them achieve their career goals. Staff can assist individuals with obtaining eligibility and participating in services, ultimately giving them an opportunity to obtain the skills they need to retain their career in agriculture or start a new one in a different field.


Empowering Farmworkers to Economic Stability with Supportive Services and Training

Encouraging Participant Success

With Simplified Case Management Tools


Geographic Solutions has designed an application that focuses on helping farmworkers with their goal of full-time employment. The NFJP application offers advanced case management features that help staff manage participants from enrollment through follow-up, while also providing access to federal reporting tools to maintain compliancy with program requirements.


  • Application and Participation

    The NFJP application wizard guides staff through the process of gathering basic information to determine an applicant’s eligibility for program activities and services. A brief online participation form is completed by staff before enrolling an individual in an activity or service.
  • Activities and Services

    The provision of activities or services helps individuals obtain relevant training, education, and/or job skills, which will increase their likelihood of securing employment. Staff may use the enrollment wizard in the system to complete data entry required for an individual’s service enrollment.
  • Case Notes and Correspondence

    Seamless communication between staff, participants, employers, and service providers is simplified through the NFJP application. Several templates are available for efficient case note entry, as well as the ability to attach common notes to multiple records.
  • Appointment Setting and Alerts

    Easy appointment tracking is available in the application, along with automatic alerts, which can be generated for individuals, activities, and programs. Participants are alerted when they need to create a résumé, participate in a service, and receive a job referral, as well as during periods of inactivity beyond established limits.
  • Literacy and Numeracy

    Industry-standard resources are available to help track and document measurable skill gains made by program participants. The Literacy and Numeracy tool is designed to collect data for federal reporting purposes as it relates to skill gains NFJP participants make in reading, math, and language to combat basic skills deficiency.
  • Measurable Skill Gain

    The Measurable Skill Gain tool was designed to capture data for PIRL extracts and to calculate performance for federal reporting. Staff can use this tool to document the skill and achievement type that program participants achieve through the provision of program services.
  • Case Closure and Follow Up

    Record creation screens collect details concerning a participant’s performance, including employment, retention, earnings, and credential attainment on a quarterly basis. The system’s follow-up feature assists staff in predicting federal performance outcomes.
  • Federal Reporting

    The NFJP application is in full compliance with WIOA reporting requirements. As the U.S. Department of Labor continues to define data requirements reporting, the system’s data prompts, business logic, and other participant record assets are modified to comply with federal requirements.

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