Security & Hosting

Advanced Security Measures

To Keep Your Information Safe


Geographic Solutions adheres to a detailed risk assessment and defense process to properly define requirements and design appropriate security solutions. Our comprehensive security program is an integral part of our product design and development lifecycle. We maintain a strong focus on data Confidentiality, Availability, and Integrity (CIA) to ensure the satisfaction of all client security policies.  


The security architecture we have established leverages an integrated set of enterprise services so that our clients can focus on business goals rather than security implementation. We have a dedicated team of experienced operations staff that handle all of the security measures, database maintenance, and system upgrades for each of our client sites.



We Mitigate the Risks So Your Agency Doesn’t Have to

Comprehensive, Dedicated Hosting Services

That Ensures System Security and Performance


Geographic Solutions has two bi-coastal hosting facilities that provide the hardware, security, and infrastructure to support the demand required by large, mission-critical applications. They include full redundancy with real-time replication of data to shadow hosting facilities to eliminate the chance of data loss due to interruption in service. This infrastructure provides elasticity for peaks and valleys in usage and traffic flows.


Our company’s Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors and coordinates all hosting facility services to ensure that service level commitments meet the standards needed for high availability and reliability from the technical system solution we provide. Our current systems function under our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) operating model, which provides annual or multi-year agreements for hosting, maintenance, and upgrades.

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  • Cost Control

  • Full Redundancy

  • Optimized Hosting Service

  • Comprehensive Support

  • Rapid Resolution of Issues

  • Easy Upgrades and Flexibility

  • Multiple Testing Environments

  • Disaster Recovery Capability

Our Responsive Approach

To Operations and Maintenance


We are committed to delivering specialized operations, maintenance, and support services to all of our clients. Along with seamless system upgrades on a routine basis, we ensure enhancements and maintenance take place continuously to improve your user experience.


Additionally, our SaaS model has allowed multiple state and local agencies to remove reliance on their own technical resources – ultimately freeing them from purchasing additional hardware or third-party software purchases. There is also no requirement for a client-provided webmaster, system administrator, programmer, or database expert to support the system.

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