Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Managing and Supporting SNAP Program Participants

Through Skills, Training, and Experience Gains


The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment and Training (SNAP E&T) module enables and supports the enrollment of eligible individuals into the SNAP program. The system tracks the program’s process from the initial registration through full management, including alerts, activity enrollment, case management, and case closure.

Helping Individuals Gain Access to the Training They Need
to Reduce Reliance on SNAP Assistance

Enhanced Individualized Services

Through Efficient Program Management


The SNAP E&T module includes support of mandatory appointment setting, as well as program application and participation. Staff can assist individuals with completing the basic enrollment data and determining the services best suited for their needs.


  • Initial Registration

    Staff can choose to implement a mini-registration for SNAP E&T, or select to require the full registration process. When no automated process exists to import initial information, the registration process begins when agency staff receive a referral for services.
  • Participation Records

    The SNAP E&T Participation Record collects and maintains details of the individual’s status, such as education, and unemployment compensation prior to becoming a program participant and starting enrollment in a SNAP activity.
  • Activities and Services

    Participants must engage in certain specific activities to maintain compliance and to be eligible to continue receiving program services. Following the completion of an application, staff can use the enrollment wizard to complete data entry for an individual’s initial service enrollment.
  • Individual Appointments

    Once a SNAP mini-registration is complete (whether manually or automatically), staff can focus on appointment details and generate the initial appointment letter explaining the SNAP program and preparing the participant for their appointment.
  • Timely Notifications

    Staff have the ability to generate notifications in the system. Some notifications might serve an informational purpose (e.g., the individual attended his or her initial appointment), while other notifications may impact an individual’s ability to receive SNAP benefits.
  • Program Exit

    The Exit/Outcome form officially terminates participant involvement in a federal program and provides details of the participant’s status after program participation, as well as for Common Measures reporting. The Case Exit feature is designed for staff to officially end the provision of services.
  • Follow-Up Services

    Staff can record performance data for four full quarters following the exit quarter. For SNAP E&T participants who do not satisfy those federally observed global exclusion reasons, the system allows staff to conduct quarterly follow-ups to collect information for federal reporting purposes.
  • Federal Reporting

    The SNAP 583 report is designed to produce the Able-Bodied Adult Workers Without Dependents (ABAWD), Other Participants, and Components Counts. The report can be run quarterly and can be exported.

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