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Sustaining Workforce

On a Global Level


Social responsibility is a core value of our culture at Geographic Solutions. We strive to develop an innovative ecosystem of software solutions that globally supports individuals seeking employment.


In this picture, a student is sitting in a large room with headphones in her ears, and a laptop on her knee.

Workforce Development

  • Case Management
  • Job Boards
  • Reporting
In this picture, two men are seated a computer looking at a computer screen.

Education Road Mapping

  • Career Planning
  • Pathways for Apprenticeships
  • Trade Schools, and Universities
In this picture, a young lady is sitting across from employer. Her arm is extending in a handshake position. An older lady is standing next to her.

Financial Technology

  • Providing Payment Processing for Customers
In this picture, a young lady is sitting across from employer. Her arm is extending in a handshake position. An older lady is standing next to her.

Labour Market Intelligence

  • Economic Development
  • Trend Analysis & Predictions

Our Mission: We strive to develop innovative software that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of career and workforce development agencies and their partners on a global scale.

Industry and Global Affiliations

Aligned for Economic Growth


We’re aligned with many of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. By contributing to educational institutions, food banks, shelters, and medical organizations in the places where we work and live, we support communities and individuals in marginalized positions. Our unique productivity modules help promote economic growth, high-quality wages, and healthier societies by serving international governments, universities, and labour market researchers.


Our software also aligns with the Net Zero Strategy for building, sustaining, and being a champion for Net Zero. We have made it a priority to ensure that green jobs are available and promoted through our specialized job assistance portals that focus and promote careers in the green jobs industry. Within our entire product line, jobs associated as green-friendly get special designations.


Our next-generation software guides individuals along their employment journey into rewarding careers by aiding white and blue collar professionals. It assists military personnel transitioning to civilian jobs, supports persons with vocational rehabilitation needs, automates farmworker programs, and helps the justice-involved shift to civilian positions. Our platform ensures efficient operation of social services, and provides unemployment payment processing and fraud prevention at scale.

Holding Ourselves and Our Partners

To the Highest Standard


Geographic Solutions is committed to the principle of treating everyone fairly and consistently, creating a workplace and business environment that is open, transparent, and trusted. We have a zero-tolerance position on violations of individuals' basic human rights, and in particular, support the aims and remedies encoded within the International Labour Organization Convention No. 29 on Forced Labour and the United Kingdom's Modern Slavery Act of 2015.


We hold all our partners and affiliations accountable, and we immediately address concerns if we suspect that they are not upholding the principles enshrined within our zero-tolerance position on violations of basic human rights and within international legislation. This applies to all personnel employed by or engaged to provide services to Geographic Solutions, including, but not limited to, employees, officers, and temporary employees of Geographic Solutions and Geographic Solutions' U.S. and international subsidiaries, and independent contractors.



Through strategic partnerships and affiliations, we can scale the impact of our software even further than initially imagined. Below are just a few of the industry organizations that we have aligned our company with.


A Global Perspective

To Software Development


At Geographic Solutions we place high value on having a diverse team – offering different perspectives and experience as it pertains to software development. Having an extremely diverse team has played in our favor. Our team members bring different skills, talents, and lived experience to their work which fosters a creative and innovative environment. Many of these perspectives have enabled us to leverage our U.S.-based software and adapt it to varying global markets.


The map below gives a visual representation of how globally diverse our team really is.


Girl in a jacket