Virtual LMI®

Integrated Labor Market Analytics

For Job Seekers and Employers


Our Virtual LMI solution is unique in that it combines both real-time and historical labor market information in a single, online website that allow users to review and compare the entire labor market in their area. The system incorporates the most up-to-date survey data from standard databases, including the Workforce Information Database, Occupational Information Network, and the North American Industry Classification System


Historical and real-time labor data is easy to access through a user-friendly dashboard complete with customizable widgets. The system offers high-quality, measureable statistics to employers, job seekers, students, career counselors, and other partners who access the system. Valuable industry and occupation Information displays in multiple formats to maximize usefulness for all types of users.

Comprehensive Job Market Data

For Current and Past Trend Analysis


Dynamic Data Comparisons

Users can perform a side-by-side comparison of key labor market information in Virtual LMI. Comparisons can be viewed by occupation, industry, education program, and geographic area for both job-based and survey-based data.

Detailed Labor Market Profiles

Users can select a specific geographic area, industry, education program, or occupation and generate a detailed profile containing multiple elements and comparisons of labor market information and transactional job data.

Advertised Skills, Tools, and Technologies

Data sets for skills, certifications, tools, and technologies from advertised jobs are available within Virtual LMI. The system aggregates and classifies job postings for analysis based on a specific area, occupation, or educational field of study.

Employment and Wage Data

Virtual LMI displays various statistical data including occupation wages, staffing patterns, industry activity levels, projected growth rates, short-term and long-term industry projections, and more.

Historical Trend Data Analysis

Traditional labor market data shows trends in specific industries and occupations and is derived from a combination of historical aggregations of job postings, as well as standard government survey sources.

Education and Training Resources

Users can search for educational providers and specific training programs that are offered in a selected area, as well as detailed program descriptions and related occupations.


Virtual LMI Offers The Most Comprehensive Jobs
and Candidate Data Currently Available

Effective Labor Market Information

For Educated Employment Decisions


The latest labor market analysis tools are featured in one, easy-to-use system that can be customized to show the specific information that each individual user is looking for. Virtual LMI has flexible controls and search criteria based on time periods, geographic divisions, occupations, job listing sources, and employers to help drilldown to specific data sets and pinpoint areas of interest.


Analyzing both current and past labor market trends can be beneficial to employers and job seekers as they navigate the labor exchange process. Employers can use labor market data to make informed decisions when advertising jobs and recruiting candidates. Accurate labor market information can help job seekers get a glimpse of the current job market conditions and which occupations and industries are a fit to pursue.

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