Virtual OneStop REO®

A Second Chance

Starts with Job Opportunities and Resources in VOS REO





Providing an equal opportunity to resources and overcoming barriers to employment is important. Regardless of the type of barrier, our goal is to design a system that responds to each demographics' specific needs. Justice-involved individuals often face significant hurdles in securing employment post release. Driving an effort to cultivate career pathways for these individuals, the Virtual OneStop Reentry Employment Opportunities (VOS REO) system seeks to help break the cycle of recidivism.


In an effort to reduce recidivism and promote smooth reintegration into society, Geographic Solutions has developed a comprehensive yet secure system to guide justice-involved job seekers toward meaningful and sustainable employment. Studies show that individuals who develop workplace soft skills as well receive technical training are better able to obtain employment prior to release and are less likely to cycle back through the justice system thus saving taxpayers' money.

In this image, job seekers use a computer to find careers.

VOS REO has been carefully designed to provide job-ready individuals with user-friendly tools that guide them in their journey to obtain education or on-the-job experience, hone their workplace soft skills, take part in training and counseling, apply -- and keep -- a sustainable job post release.

Bridging Corrections and Workforce

For a Seamless Transition Back into Society


The VOS REO system is designed to share a common database with the state’s workforce system, operating off of a secure desktop connection or kiosk. Providing direct user access to all of the system tools, it does not allow access to any Internet-based website, email, or direct messaging application. All communications – whether between the individual, staff member, or employer – are handled internally within the database of the system.


As a second level of security, all communications are monitored by authorized staff facilitators – with capabilities that include controlling search results, excluding key phrases or words, and blocking visibility of or access to certain employers.



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Reentry Case Managers

  • Monitor and track all job seeker activity
  • Approve or deny job seeker applications
  • Apply for jobs on behalf of the user
  • Refer job seekers for specific opportunities
  • Generate reports to show users, résumés, activities, security, etc.

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Job Ready Individuals

  • Explore careers and related occupations
  • Analyze labor market data
  • Target employers who are open to investing in justice-involved individuals
  • Apply for Jobs
  • Utilize education, financial, and community resources



Engaging Job Ready Individuals

in Proactive Career Planning and Exploration


VOS REO begins with users investigating and analyzing careers and occupations that align with their personal interests, skills, and values through a toolbox that includes self-assessments, real-time labor market information and detailed information regarding career descriptions and lifetime earning potential.





Gauging the Pulse of the Job Market

With Key Labor Market Information


It isn't enough to know what you want to do -- to make an informed career choice, individuals must also consider income potential as well as potential growth. Hiring trends and supply-and-demand for skills and talent change daily. VOS REO provides reliable labor market data to help users determine what it is really like out there in the job market and if their intended profession will suit their immediate and future needs.




What are the highest paying jobs?

What occupations have the highest employment?

What is the unemployment rate?

What occupations are predicted to have the most job openings?




  • Occupation Description

  • Jobs, Employers and Candidates

  • Education, Training & Work Experience

  • Employment & Wage Data

  • Area Description

  • Jobs Data

  • Monthly Job Count

  • Job Area Distribution

  • Candidate Data

  • Candidate Area Distribution

  • Supply and Demand

  • Employer Data



Creating Pathways to Sustainable Employment

By Connecting Job Seekers to Opportunities


VOS REO provides a comprehensive resource for job seekers. Completely integrating directly posted job orders with aggregated jobs from other labor exchanges and job boards, our database provides a unique resource for job-ready individuals in its quality and quantity of non-duplicative jobs.


Users can choose from a multitude of job search options including both basic and advanced searches, as well as by criteria such as employer, skills, education, and résumé. When a user has determined a suitable position for which they want to apply, the application process is determined by the job source.



Job Opportunity Posted
to State Workforce System

  • A user may apply for a job by selecting one of
    the many methods available. The system is then capable of auto-filling the application, using information already entered into the user's profile.

Job Opportunity Not Posted to
State Workforce System

  • For sites where the online job application process is identifiable, applications are approved by a reentry case manager. Applications are filled in via a patented résumé-blasting technology.

All Other
Available Opportunities

  • If a user wishes to apply to an opportunity not posted to the state workforce system and not recognized by the system, an authorized reentry case manager may apply online on their behalf.



All Roads Lead to a Job

With a Collective, Community Approach


Developing strategic partnerships between workforce, human services, and corrections agencies is key. Meeting basic needs allows individuals to concentrate on obtaining and maintaining employment. VOS REO provides education and financial services aimed at helping users understand their anticipated needs as well as the opportunities available to them. The system also designates which, if any, community resources for which the user may qualify.



Eligibility Requirements for Aid/Service

Program Education

Budget Calculation

Financial Summary

Income Threshold

Links to Jobs

Training Providers/Schools and Programs Offered

Training and Education Programs

Education Program Completers

Financial Aid & Budget Planning

Typical Education & Work Experience Requirements



Post Release Support

Past the Transition Phase


VOS REO can be leveraged to create a seamless transition for a job seeker by bridging the gap between the corrections agency to the state's workforce system. The user's profile easily transitions to the workforce system in an effort to assist in reintegration by providing avenues for assistance, tracking, and reporting purposes.



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