Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

Performance Accountability Software

For Managing Federal Workforce Programs


The WIOA case management module is an integrated online system that completely manages all state and federal workforce programs. Several components are available to help coordinate program activities, drive program outcomes, and maximize staff productivity. The system provides flexibility for workforce staff to enter and share information on participants receiving services, and is fully compliant with federal requirements and specified business rules.


One Unified Solution for Managing WIOA and All Partner Programs

Capturing All Required Data

Through a Single Common Intake


Data points required by partner programs for case management and WIOA reporting are collected through our Common Intake. This allows staff to record information required by multiple programs using a single application to determine a participant’s program eligibility and appropriate services needed. The system drives collaboration and improved performance for partner programs and includes the capability to capture all required data for WIOA and Participant Individual Record Layout (PIRL) reporting.


  • Automated Eligibility and Service Tracking

    Staff can manage and assist individuals in their eligibility determination and enrollment in multiple programs. The system has a customized online registration that provides specific federal and state data elements and assists in determining program eligibility, processing enrollment, and tracking activities.
  • Self-Service Application for Individuals

    The provision of activities or services helps individuals obtain relevant training, education, and/or job skills, which will increase their likelihood of securing employment. Staff may use the enrollment wizard in the system to complete data entry required for an individual’s service enrollment.
  • Strict Business Rules

    The WIOA application wizard includes strict business rules to ensure the collection of the correct information for accurate eligibility determination. Upon completion of the application, the system displays a comprehensive summary of the individual’s eligibility for WIOA programs.
  • Adult and Dislocated Workers

    The Adult and Dislocated Worker component helps staff provide quality employment and training services to eligible individuals. Service delivery falls into three categories: core, intensive, and training.  The system tracks and reports on all categories according to the U.S. Department of Labor.
  • In-School and Out-of-School Youth

    The In-School and Out-of-School Youth component helps workforce agencies provide the proper framework for WIOA Youth administration. All necessary data for federal reporting is captured and aligned with business rule requirements to conduct formula eligibility determination for program enrollment.
  • Literacy and Numeracy Gains

    The Literacy and Numeracy component meets the WIOA Youth Literacy and Numeracy data collection and reporting requirements. The system reports gains for all out-of-school youth participants and replaces the In-School Youth Skill Attainment performance measures.
  • Integrated Reporting

    The WIOA case management module offers fully-integrated report design, distribution, and management functionality in compliance with state and federal requirements. The system also meets the PIRL requirements established by the U.S. Department of Labor.
  • Program Outcome and Follow-Up

    Staff can record federal and local performance measures before a program exit occurs. Completion of the case closure form indicates the end of planned service delivery. After performing case closure, staff can record contact information and follow-up services, if necessary.

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