Adult Education

Addressing Literacy and High School Equivalency Skills

And Preparing Individuals for Success in the Workforce


The Adult Education module supports the federal initiative established by the U.S. Department of Education for providing individuals 16 or older with the basic skills and knowledge (e.g. reading, math, language) they need to enroll in specific training programs or earn a High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma.

A More Effective Way to Track Student Participation and Improve Program Success

Streamlined Case Management

For Adult Education and Literacy Act Programs


The Adult Education module is compliant with Common Measures and enables staff to aid in application and enrollment, as well as track classes, certificates, and high school vouchers. The system requires minimal manual keying, which streamlines service delivery and helps staff guide students through the program efficiently.


  • Application and Enrollment Process

    Once an individual is determined to be eligible for the program, a user-friendly wizard guides staff through the application process to help the individual apply for Adult Education services. After completed, staff can enroll the eligible individual for available classes and programs.
  • Student Identifier

    When students have been approved for Adult Education services, they are assigned a unique student identifier, which helps improve the quality, accuracy, and reliability of each participant’s data throughout the application.
  • Class Management

    The Adult Education module gives staff the ability to create classes, register students in available classes, transfer them between classes, as well as view detailed schedule information.
  • Attendance Tracking

    Staff can easily monitor student attendance and hours with the Adult Education module. They can also track student progress through their time enrolled in the program, including classes completed and credentials received.
  • Assessments and Practice Tests

    Assessment information by functional area can be entered into the system for each student. The Educational Functional Level (EFL) will be calculated automatically based on National Reporting System guidelines. Practices test outcomes are also recorded in the system.
  • Instructor Access

    Teachers also have login privileges and can be added as authorized staff within the Adult Education module. Specific information related to certifications and length of service is incorporated within the application for accurate reporting.
  • Federal Reporting

    The module includes reporting on participation information per the Participant Individual Record Layout (PIRL ETA-9170), which is required by WIOA legislation and the reporting tables established by the National Reporting System.
  • Case Closure and Follow-Up

    Staff have access to features that assist with participant exit and follow-up services, including a Common Soft Exit that runs and closes program enrollments after 90 days of no services. This tool also accommodates the co-enrollment into WIOA Title I and III, and Trade Adjustment Assistance.

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