Workforce Development

A Unique Approach to Employment

Focused on Collaboration, Innovation, and Increased Job Opportunity


Today’s workforce development efforts require a collaborative approach between workforce agencies and service providers to close the skills gap, increase job placements, reduce unemployment durations, and ultimately strengthen economic development initiatives. Our Commercial Off-The-Shelf Virtual OneStop® (VOS) Sapphire solution has transformed the way career centers deliver services to job seekers and employers.

Our workforce development software manages all federal workforce programs in one integrated system that improves service delivery and performance.

VOS Sapphire Gives Job Seekers and Employers Better Access 

to the Services They Need to Achieve Their Goals

Giving Universal Access

To Labor Exchange


It is imperative that our system is a champion for fair and equal access of employment services for all individuals of every skill level and employment barrier. Our system provides an effective labor exchange, and gives job seekers the tools they need to connect with employers, obtain further skills and training, and ultimately land a suitable job. Employers have access to a larger pool of job seekers to select from to meet their hiring needs, as well as access to comparative labor market data that can help them make sound business decisions.



    • Self-Service and Staff-Assisted Labor Exchange

    • Streamlined Case Management and Reporting

    • User-Friendly Common Intake Component

    • Advanced Job and Résumé Aggregation

    • In-Context Labor Market Information

    • Efficiency Options for Career Centers

    • Time-Saving Registration and Communication Tools

    • Annual Upgrades and Superior Technical Support

Responding to the Nation's Need for a Single, Online Solution

For More Than Two Decades


Since 1998, our Virtual OneStop solution has been the only COTS workforce development system for job seekers, employers, service providers, and state and local workforce agency staff. In addition to providing a comprehensive labor exchange, Virtual OneStop effectively tracks participants and their activities across all federal workforce programs and meets reporting requirements. Our software undergoes a continual enhancement process to ensure it is the most effective system on the market today.