Reemployment Exchange® (REX)

An Integrated Unemployment and Workforce Solution

That Encourages Proactive Reemployment Activities


Our REX solution links unemployment insurance and workforce services by monitoring claimant accounts and ensuring all work search requirements are being fulfilled. To help claimants find suitable employment at a faster rate, the system offers labor exchange tools and current job trend data to help them get access to the services they need. Not only does REX assist claimants in their quest to find a job, it also offers valuable information to employers seeking qualified candidates who meet their hiring needs. The system does all of this while enabling agency staff to track claimant activities and offer guidance when necessary.

Enhanced Accessibility to Services

Offering Claimants More Opportunities for Employment


REX includes a common intake for both workforce registration and filing unemployment claims. Immediately after submitting an initial claim or weekly certification, the system automatically creates a reemployment roadmap, which guides individuals through their next steps and how to access services to get back to work as quickly as possible. The plan includes strategies to find a job, get trained, and navigate the local job market.



  • Weekly Certifications
  • Comprehensive List of Suitable Jobs
  • Career Exploration and Assessments
  • Real-Time Labor Market Data
  • Education and Training Opportunities

Agency Staff

  • Automated Work Search Verification
  • Work Search Status and Analysis
  • Minimal Data Entry
  • Efficient One-Stop Services
  • Reduced Improper Payments


  • Potential Talent and Unemployment Data
  • Increased Applicant Pool
  • Advanced Recruitment Services
  • Job Seeker and Résumé Searches
  • Candidate Matching Technology

Automated Work Search Verification and Analysis

To Ensure Proper Job Search Efforts


To be eligible for unemployment benefits, a claimant must be able and available to work, as well as be actively seeking employment. REX allows authorized staff to set thresholds concerning job search activities. Staff can be notified if a claimant does not meet any of these thresholds during a set timeframe and gives them the ability to send notifications. Both workforce and UI staff can assist claimants in maximizing their job search activities by ensuring they are meeting their job search requirements and by creating alerts when minimum thresholds are not met.


Work Search Patterns are Analyzed to Determine if Claimants are Searching for Jobs that Match Their Experience, Skills, and Salary Requirements

A Proven Online Solution

That Improves Outcomes for Claimants


REX reduces the burden of data collection on claimants and staff, which frees up time to focus on more customized services or training. The system allows individuals to assess their skills, locate relevant job listings, and view training opportunities that can assist them in finding work.


Each time a claimant signs into the system, a list of jobs that closely match their past occupations or skill set is presented to help highlight opportunities that are a potential fit. Using REX as an entry point ensures claimants are more connected to the services available both online and at job centers, ultimately giving them the best chance to become reemployed.

Find Out How REX Can Benefit Your Agency

And Help Claimants in Their Quest for Employment