Virtual OneStop® 

(VOS) Sapphire

Bring Service Delivery to the Next Level with the Only Fully-Integrated

Software-as-a Service Solution for Workforce Development


Since it first launched in 1998, Virtual OneStop has changed the way state and local employment agencies have delivered services to job seekers and employers. In late 2020, Virtual OneStop was overhauled with exciting new functionality and rebranded as Virtual OneStop® (VOS) Sapphire. For almost 25 years, the system has evolved and established itself as the only comprehensive online software on the market to encompass a full suite of components that fulfill the requirements of labor exchange, case management, labor market information, service tracking, fund management, provider services, and federal reporting.

In this picture, a graphically-designed image shows five different websites created by Geographic Solutions. From left to right, these sites are for the states of Nevada, Tennessee, Florida, California, and Rhode Island.

A Flexible and Configurable System

That is Tailored to Meet Your Agency’s Unique Needs


Designed specifically for the diverse needs of the American Job Center system, VOS Sapphire is a Commercial Off-The-Shelf solution that offers over 50 functional modules and components that can be adapted to meet the exact requirements of any state or local workforce organization. We continuously enhance the system based on technological advances and user feedback to ensure it continues to be the most effective online workforce development solution available on the market today.






A Future-Proof, Cost-Effective SaaS Model

That Provides Multiple Benefits to Workforce Development Agencies and Partners


Government agencies, non-profits, and their respective partners, benefit from Virtual OneStop’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) operating model – as it is not only cost effective, but also easy to deploy and maintain. Geographic Solutions first introduced this model to the workforce industry with our subscription offering in 1999. We currently support this exact model in over 30 state workforce systems. Our SaaS model allows agencies to completely eliminate any reliance on their own technical resources – requiring no additional hardware or third-party software purchases and eliminating the need for a webmaster, system administrator, on-staff programmer, database expert. Our technical support staff provide all required infrastructure support, database management services, and system updates.


Virtual OneStop, and all other Geographic Solutions SaaS software, is offered under annual or multi-year agreements for hosting, maintenance, and upgrades, thus accommodating future technology refreshes, product evolution, and any updates required to comply with changes in applicable laws. In addition to our time-tested SaaS model deployed in our own private cloud environment, Geographic Solutions can provide the same level of performance, reliability, and flexibility with system implementations on a public cloud service as those systems privately-hosted by Geographic Solutions.


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Workforce DevelopmentEmployersEconomic DevelopmentJob SeekersEducation InstitutionsAgency StaffUnemployment Insurance

Advanced Career Pathway Tools for Individuals

The Premier Destination to Find Quality Jobs and Meaningful Work


Job seekers have access to a variety of useful online tools to help them explore and search for suitable employment opportunities. VOS Sapphire offers self-service and assisted labor exchange services that are designed for users of all experience levels.


Self-Guided and Assisted Job Searches

The most widely-used tool in VOS Sapphire, the job search component allows individuals to search and apply for jobs that match their experience and skills through simple or advanced searches.

Résumé and Letter Builders

Job seekers have the option to either upload an existing résumé or utilize the Résumé Builder wizard. Professional letters can also be generated that can assist in job search efforts.

Dynamic Matching Technology

After performing a job search, individuals can view the job order details to see how their background, interests, and skills match the job’s requirements, as well as other potential opportunities.

Skills and Interests Assessments

User-friendly self-assessments can identify an individual’s skills, competency with tools and technologies, and interests and values, which can be useful while performing job searches.

Suitable Training and Educational Resources

VOS Sapphire matches a job seeker’s background information and then displays additional skills that may be needed to qualify. Training providers and education program information is also available.

Current Labor Market Statistics

Labor market data can help job seekers make informed career decisions. Industry and occupation summaries include wage rates, long-term employment projections, actual job openings, and more.

Powerful Recruitment Tools for Employers

Finding the Right Fit has Never Been Easier

VOS Sapphire offers employers the ability to post job orders, send automated correspondence, analyze current industry data, and utilize an array of search, screening, and ranking tools to help identify suitable candidates.


The system also includes the Sapphire Technology analysis tool, which uses proprietary pattern matching algorithms to determine exactly how well a job seeker’s education and experience matches an employer’s requirements. Automatic alerts notify employers when a potential candidate meets the qualifications of a posted job listing.







Efficient Case Management for Workforce Staff

A Sophisticated Solution for Entering and Sharing Information


Necessary data points required by workforce programs are collected using a single Common Intake in VOS Sapphire, making it easier for staff to deliver effective services to individuals. The system encourages collaboration and improved performance for workforce agencies.

  • One Location for Management of Multiple Programs

    VOS Sapphire saves a significant amount of staff time by determining eligibility of multiple programs through a single form that collects all required data fields.
  • Effective Data Transfer

    Data transfers can be facilitated from local areas, providing flexibility and reporting for local agencies and providers using independent systems.
  • Intelligent Automation

    Maximized automation features in VOS Sapphire result in improved business processes, reduced staff time, and lower costs.
  • Streamlined Service Tracking and Reporting

    VOS Sapphire offers integrated report design, distribution methods, and management features that meet the Participant Individual Record Layout (PIRL) requirements.
  • Reduced Data Entry

    Customers use a simplified interface in a common format to enter information, thus shifting the data entry burden away from staff.
  • Efficient Communication

    The comprehensive Communications Center allows staff to converse easily with employers, job seekers, and providers, which saves time and paper resources.

Virtual OneStop Integrates All Components of WIOA
Seamlessly into One Integrated, Online System

Unify Your Workforce Programs

A Case Management Solution You Can Count On


Virtual OneStop eliminates the uncertainty of keeping up with federal regulations and replaces it with the assurance that all state and federal workforce programs are managed effectively and recorded in full compliance with the U.S. Department of Labor. When faced with new regulations, we’re the only vendor in the industry that analyzes, interprets, and develops new functionality to meet specific regulatory needs. Customize Virtual OneStop with modules as you desire to track any workforce program.


An integrated online system that completely manages all state and federal workforce programs.




Complies with federal reporting and data collection requirements under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.




Assists in helping able-bodied participants gain the skills they need to reduce reliance on benefits.




Manages the employment and training requirements of the TANF program.




Tracks individuals with disabilities to assist in their goal of meaningful employment.




Monitor and track Registered Apprenticeships (RA), Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs (IRAP), and other programs that incorporate on-the-job training and instruction.




Supports the federal initiative from the U.S. Department of Education for managing the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act.




Manages the WOTC application and tax credit process for employers.




Manages migrant and seasonal farmworkers in their quest for a long-term, sustainable career.




Assurance that states, employers, and OFCCP compliance vendors remain in line with OFCCP regulations while assisting job seekers in returning to work



Intelligent, Flexible Reporting

Spend Less Time Compiling and More Time Analyzing


Virtual OneStop provides full reporting capability for authorized staff users to generate a wide variety of reports based on their assigned system privileges.  The system contains numerous standard reports with flexible sorting and filtering controls that allows users to generate real-time reports on registration activity, job openings, employment trends, events, performance, and a myriad of additional data points.

Employer |

Geographic Solutions bases the Virtual OneStop suite of reports on reporting standards employed by workforce professionals – all of which follow state and federal guidelines. Additionally, the system can also include ad hoc reporting to support client-specific data queries that monitor services and actionable items.

Additional Efficiency Options for Your Job Center

Helping You Work Smarter, Not Harder


Local workforce areas have the option to add various customized solutions that build on the state’s Virtual OneStop system and provide personalized services to the region. Each module available is designed to improve overall efficiency service delivery, resulting in higher customer service satisfaction rates among job seekers and employers.

Document Management

Eliminate toggling back and forth between multiple applications to manage documents. Users have the ability to scan, upload, manipulate, and attach electronic files.

Event Management

Take control of events, such as meetings, workshops, and job fairs. Staff can promote, coordinate, and track meetings using the Calendar of Events component.

Help Desk Management

For a better customer experience, live chat assistance ensures that individuals are able to get the help they need quickly.


Career centers can reduce costs and improve efficiencies for the purposes of staffing requirements, providing services, and monitoring customer traffic.


A scan card or Quick Response (QR) code system that tracks and reports self-service and staff-assisted services within the state Virtual OneStop system.

Custom Portals

A branded homepage that can be customized for a specific region or for targeted demographics who may have a barrier to employment.

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