Vocational Rehabilitation

Helping Individuals with Disabilities Find Meaningful Careers

With Effective Case Management Software


The Vocational Rehabilitation case management module tracks and manages individuals with disabilities to support them in their goal of working and living independently. The module has been designed to give program staff the tools they need to improve efficiency and service delivery, while providing individuals with the necessary resources to find employment that is suitable for them.

Serving All Individuals Regardless of Ability or Disability

Encouraging Positive Employment Outcomes

For Those Who Have Barriers


The Vocational Rehabilitation Case Management Program module has been developed to eliminate barriers in information technology, making new opportunities available for those with disabilities and helping them achieve their career goals. Intuitive case management tools allow staff to manage the application process, program eligibility, referral tracking, employment services, and federal reporting.


  • Program Registration

    Initial application forms gather necessary data and demographics to enroll individuals in the appropriate program that will meet their specific needs, all with minimal manual entry. The registration screen helps determine whether or not an individual meets the eligibility requirements.
  • Activities and Services

    The ability to provide specific activities or services, such as counseling and referrals, is allowed prior to an eligibility determination. Staff can use the enrollment wizard to complete all required data for an individual’s service enrollment and also access a full database of approved providers and services.
  • Individual Plan for Employment

    The counselor and individual decide the services required to achieve an employment outcome based on needs and career goals. The IPE captures goals, expectations, financial participation, next steps, and services to be provided. Other support services and training needs can also be tracked.
  • Case Notes

    Case notes can be used to track an individual’s progress and status in the program. Staff can utilize case notes templates and/or free-form text screens to record pertinent details regarding interactions with each individual. Mass entry of case notes for multiple individuals simultaneously is also available.
  • Correspondence

    The system provides multiple ways to communicate with individuals, medical professionals, providers, and staff. The communications center includes a correspondence component that allows staff to create standard letters and forms. Messages are automatically logged in the system and can be printed at any time.
  • Appointment Scheduling

    Staff can utilize the integrated scheduler that is comprised of a comprehensive set of user-friendly tools for maintaining and scheduling appointments. Staff can create appointments, select and schedule multiple types of recipients, and send messages regarding the appointment or event.
  • Post-Employment and Follow-Up

    If additional services are needed after an individual has achieved employment, staff have the ability to reopen a case. They can also submit information related to progress, including wage, benefits, work site, and promotions, which is critical in documenting credential attainment and calculating the credential rate component.
  • Performance Reporting

    The module is a full performance accountability system and supports compliance with both Rehabilitation Services Administration required reports and the WIOA Joint Performance Information Collection Request using the Participant Individual Record Layout.

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