Unemployment Insurance

Improving the Integrity of Your Unemployment Process

By Preventing Issues Before They Occur


Geographic Solutions understands the unique challenges that currently exist within state level unemployment compensation programs.  We have designed our unemployment insurance systems to not only expedite the claims process, but to focus on reemployment activities for claimants, while ensuring payment accuracy and eliminating fraudulent processes. The rapid reemployment of claimants reduces unemployment durations and lessens the depletion of trust funds, offering significant savings at the state level.


Our Geographic Solutions Unemployment System (GUS)® provides a complete benefit delivery process from claimant application, through the appeals process, and every step in between. Our Reemployment Exchange® (REX) solution links unemployment insurance and workforce services by monitoring claimant accounts and ensuring all work search requirements are being fulfilled. Both solutions have the flexibility of a customizable system that can be implemented at a low cost with minimal risks.

Our UI Solutions Offer Extensive Functionality with Numerous
Opportunities for State-Specific Configuration

Changing the Mindset from Unemployment

To Focus on Reemployment


Emphasizing reemployment is a primary focus of states all across the country, as well as the importance of the connectivity between unemployment and workforce systems in getting claimants back to work. An integrated system is ideal in accomplishing this goal.


When claimants file a claim or enter a weekly certification online, the system immediately presents them with a dynamic reemployment plan to guide them to a suitable job. This promotes a focus on job search efforts and faster return to employment. Staff can also provide assisted services to help claimants with filing claims, locating job opportunities, and analyzing current labor market statistics.

Our systems give individuals a single location to file for unemployment, to access employment tools, and to find current job openings that match their skills and experience.



  • Targeted Focus on Faster Reemployment

  • Configurable for Any State Agency

  • Complete Integration with Legacy Systems

  • Increased Payment Integrity and Fraud Detections

  • Rapid Implementation and Reduced Costs

  • Compliance with Federal Auditing and Reporting

  • Encouraged Self-Service Capabilities for Claimants

  • Automated Workflow for Staff

Low Risks and Reduced Development Costs

Supported by Proven Functionality


The recent history of the modernization of unemployment benefits systems has been characterized by expensive, custom-built solutions that have underperformed or simply failed to meet expectations. Government agencies do not have to look further than the news to recognize the inherent risks associated with implementing large government software systems. Geographic Solutions eliminates the risks commonly associated with most new software projects by implementing a proven, existing solution that offers significant cost advantages. System deployment costs are kept low and risks are mitigated because components are pre-built and have already been tested.

The average age of a legacy unemployment benefits system in the United States is about 30 years. These include very old mainframes and databases that have been pieced together and used in many different ways over the years.

Paul ToomeyCEO, Geographic Solutions

Years of Experience

Led by Subject Matter Experts


Geographic Solutions is the only software company that exclusively serves the workforce development and unemployment industries. We have designed our solutions to meet all applicable state and federal laws and policies, as well as reflect the input of our in-house subject matter experts, who collectively bring years of industry experience from across the country. Our two flagship solutions, the Geographic Solutions Unemployment System and Reemployment Exchange, are both configurable to meet the unique conditions of any state agency.