Connecting Education and Employment

The Critical Link


Education providers play a key role in preparing today’s workforce and helping drive individual prosperity. Current market trends suggest the recognized need to link education to economic demand to ensure better service delivery and employment outcomes for students. Students must have the skills, training, and education to achieve their career goals, while local employers must be able to hire, develop, and retain a competitive workforce. Successful career development and employment outcomes for students require institutions to provide relevant career guidance while working in partnership with local employers to supply a pipeline of talent that meets demand.

Helping Students Prepare Today for Tomorrow’s Success

Steps in the Right Direction

Guiding Students to Careers


Engaging students in career development activities offers them countless advantages as they pave their path towards a lifetime of satisfying work. Making sense of personal interests and skill sets and how they fit within a potential career path with a promising outlook can help students identify their direction.


Partnering closely with employers and workforce development initiatives also supports the effort to enhance student career readiness, job placement, and continuous service delivery. Integrated software systems allow for cross-sector collaboration, seamless transition of student accounts, development of strategic pathway initiatives, and alignment of curriculum with labor market demand and workforce requirements.

Our Virtual Career Center solution provides access to career tools that encourage students to develop professionally as they navigate the junctures between secondary, post-secondary, and far beyond.



    • Self-Assessments and Career Exploration

    • Employment Preparation Tools

    • Education Planning and Financial Aid Resources

    • Career Guidance and Tracking for Counselors 

    • Integrated Labor Market Information and Trends

    • Workforce Board and Employer Engagement

Partnering for Student Success

Trust the Leader in Workforce Development


Geographic Solutions has been providing employment software for job seekers and employers for over 25 years. Our many years of experience implementing labor market and workforce development solutions has demonstrated that at the center of economic stimulus are America’s educational institutions. We have designed our software to leverage resources by pooling investments and connecting partners to maximize the opportunity for employment success.