Economic Development

Real-Time and Historical Trend Analysis

Using Dynamic Labor Market Software


Geographic Solutions has been working in partnership with state labor market information departments since we created the world's first comprehensive labor market information system for North Carolina in 1994. Since that time, our Virtual LMI and America’s Labor Market Analyzer (ALMA) solutions have been implemented in multiple states across the country, providing real-time and historical labor market analysis to job seekers, employers, analysts, students, economists, career counselors, and more.

We understand the important role that quality labor market information plays in economic development, career planning, and employment.

Seamless Integrated Labor Market Information
Designed to Help Users Make Informed Decisions

A Treasure Trove of Data 

All in One Integrated Online Tool


Our systems are unique in their ability to incorporate the most up-to-date survey data from standard databases including the Workforce Information Database (WID), the most recent O*NET version of occupational classifications, and the most recent NAICS for industry classification. Detailed, real-time labor market information is also compiled from current aggregated job postings and résumés.


Our LMI solutions facilitate custom research by allowing users to select relevant time periods, various geographic areas, occupations, industries, and other key filter elements to both analyze and compare labor market data. The system’s user-friendly interface merges real-time and historical labor market information into an integrated and robust analytical tool, which provides a comprehensive view and comparison of true labor market trends based upon state or federally-defined reporting standards.

Valuable Data Displays and Comparisons 

Adapted to Meet the Specific Needs of All User Types


The data that supports our labor market information products provides career guidance to job seekers and quantitative analysis to employers, counselors, and economic development staff. Access to labor market information helps employers make informed decisions when advertising jobs and recruiting talent.  Employers also need current data to make key decisions that can affect the future of their business, such as relocating to a specific area. Job seekers have the ability to explore specific occupations and industries, helping them evaluate how suitable the jobs they are looking at are given their personal interests, skills, education, and desired salary.



  • Advertised Jobs and Candidate Data

  • Detailed Labor Market Profiles for All Users

  • In-Context Employment Statistics in Job Orders

  • Visually-Appealing Graphs, Maps, and Reports

  • Side-by-Side Occupation and Industry Comparisons

  • Customizable Dashboard with Quick Access to Tools

  • Comprehensive Analysis of Current and Past Trends

  • User-Friendly Tools for Fast and Accurate Data Displays

Quality Labor Market Analytics

For Economic Development Needs


We have been partnering with labor market and economic development agencies for over two decades. Today, we supply labor market data for systems in over 30 states and U.S. territories. This experience is a testament of our commitment to quality sourcing and parsing of timely data for labor market analysts, job seekers, and employers alike. Our development of proprietary methods for compiling and analyzing data is unmatched. Our systems are essentially a one-stop shop that allows users to access all data points in one system, as opposed to toggling back and forth between applications to compare and contrast market statistics.