Geographic Solutions Unemployment System (GUS)®

Your Complete Unemployment Insurance Solution

With an Emphasis on Reemployment


GUS is a user-friendly, Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solution that provides a full benefits system from claimant application, through the appeals process, and every step in between. The system manages state unemployment programs effectively while streamlining business practices, preventing fraud, and maximizing automation to improve agency performance.


Designed using our industry-leading software component library, state agencies have chosen our flexible and modifiable technology to modernize their unemployment processes. GUS has also been credited with being the first solution in the United States to combine labor exchange and unemployment insurance services into a single, online system.


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Advanced Features for Every Aspect of Unemployment

Focused on Streamlining Benefits, Tax, and Appeals


Current technologies and self-service tools are integrated to help make the unemployment claims filing process simple for claimants, while capturing all required information to process claims quickly and accurately. The system also offers versatile functionality for filing lower and higher authority appeals, with specialized features to meet the needs of each stage of the appeal. Complete tax functionality is also available to determine when employers have a liability to report workers as employees, as well as when to pay the appropriate taxes on them.

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Efficient Benefit Claims and
Payment Management

  • Claims Management
  • Eligibility and Payment Processes
  • Monetary and Non-Monetary Determinations
  • Overpayment and Collections Management
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Accounting and Auditing

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Integrated Tax Management

  • Account Registration
  • Tax and Wage Reports
  • Adjustments and Payments
  • Delinquencies and Collections
  • Tax Audit Assignments
  • Tax Performance Systems

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Comprehensive Appeals Filing
and Tracking

  • Appeal Filing and Management
  • Hearings and Decisions
  • Correspondence and Notices
  • Integrated Workflow
  • Self-Service Features
  • Federal Reporting

Customizable Components and Maximized Automation

For Improved Agency Performance


As part of our robust, COTS product suite, GUS offers numerous benefits for claimants, employers, unemployment staff, and partners. Available as a fully integrated or standalone system, its modern, flexible design is simple to use with features that focus on maximizing automation, improving the efficiency of state agencies, and lowering unemployment durations.

Configurable to Meet the Needs of Any State

Components can be customized to a state’s exact requirements, which involves significantly less time than developing an entirely new system.

Fully-Automated Functions

Outdated and inefficient technology can be replaced and will result in improved business processes, system efficiency, automation, and overall performance.

Complete Integration with Legacy Systems

Current legacy systems can integrate completely, forming a more unified solution to help serve claimants more efficiently.

Real-Time UI Data Integrity

Issues are prevented before they can occur through real-time data checks and business rule validation.

Rapid Implementation and Reduced Costs

Because of a prebuilt, modular design, specific configurations are completed at a lower cost to ensure a faster deployment.

Comprehensive Maintenance and Upgrades

Frequent updates and annual releases occur to reflect changes in reporting requirements, efficiency improvements, and technology advancements.


GUS Processes Fast and Accurate Benefit Payments While Placing a Strong Focus on Finding Claimants Appropriate Jobs

Enhanced Services and Documented Cost Savings

Provide Significant Advantages


The states across the U.S. that have implemented GUS have seen how beneficial it is to modernize their workforce and unemployment systems. Services for claimants have improved drastically, allowing them to file new and continued claims for unemployment benefits, file appeals of determinations, and search for job opportunities – all in a single, online location that encourages reemployment activities to get them employed faster.


In addition to making services more efficient for claimants, our advanced technology has helped identify improper benefits payments to claimants not actively searching for work, or who have been employed within the claim period. The states that have integrated the GUS solution have documented a decrease in the number of weeks claimants are unemployed, millions of dollars in trust fund savings, and lower tax rates for employers.

Find Out How GUS® Can Benefit Your Agency

And Drastically Improve Services for Claimants