Geographic Solutions
Virtual Career Center

A Powerful Career Management Solution

To Help Guide Students in Their Employment Journey


Geographic Solutions Virtual Career Center (VCC) software offers colleges an online platform that helps prepare students for the world of work, while leveraging workforce connections to foster partnerships and enhance employment outcomes.


VCC offers tools that foster unparalleled communication and collaboration to enhance student, parent, and staff awareness of career exploration that connects with quality employment opportunities. Students can manage their career development with the support and guidance of the community stakeholders that are vested in their success.

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Customizable Online Software

For Increased Student Success


Engaging students early and often with intuitive and easy-to-use online tools can help with the discovery of interests and talents, as well as the development of pathways that align with living-wage opportunities. In addition to providing full self-service features for students, Geographic Solutions VCC offers comprehensive career services for staff to provide guidance to students in support of their success in education and beyond.


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Career Services Staff

  • Contact Management
  • Appointment Scheduler
  • Student Activity Metrics and Case Notes
  • Employment Outcome Tracking
  • Dynamic Filtering and Advanced Reporting
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  • Self-Assessments and Career Exploration
  • Education Planning and Financial Aid Resources
  • Gain Experience and Job Search
  • Résumé and Interview Preparation
  • Integrated Labor Market Data
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  • Online Job Advertising
  • Student Talent Searches
  • Ranking and Filtering Tools
  • Campus Engagement
  • Workforce Board Connection

Engaging Students in Career Planning Early

In Preparation for the Next Step


The exploration of personal and professional life goals is an ongoing process that should commence prior to a student’s arrival on campus and continue throughout the duration of an academic program. Geographic Solutions VCC software platform engages students with interactive tools that help promote exploration of career pathways, education and training resources, and current labor market trends. The system places an emphasis on direct student and employer engagement to foster career readiness, professional relationships, and job placement.


Inspiring Students to Reach Employment Success

Encouraging Collaboration

Between Colleges and Employers


Colleges are encouraged to collaborate with employers in the sustained outreach and development of students for the local workforce. VCC provides employers with the ability to cultivate direct employer-to-school or student engagement, advertise jobs and immersion experiences, search for talent using advanced skills-matching technology, and manage applicants using helpful tracking tools.


Upon program completion, career readiness is amplified with seamless conversion of student accounts into a state’s workforce development system. This outcome-centered approach connects workforce boards, colleges, employers, and individuals all in one integrated system that allows for increased access to services and employment opportunities.

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