America’s Labor Market Analyzer (ALMA)®

A Sophisticated Labor Market Analysis Tool

For Economic and Curriculum Development


ALMA is designed for analysts, economists, education providers, and statisticians who handle employment-related data. The system offers real-time jobs and candidate analysis, as well as traditional data from every state in the country.


A simplified interface gives access to detailed labor demand data in ways that are relevant to each user’s needs for informed decision-making and reporting. The system analyzes transactional data, as well as cumulative data spanning 10 years, gathered from online job postings and traditional surveyed labor market information.

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The Most Accurate Labor Market Information Available

Quality Data Makes the Difference


Customizable Dashboard

Users can customize the configuration of their dashboards to display the blocks of data they want to view immediately upon sign in, or the quick links they want access to while navigating the system.

Demand-Driven Career and Industry Profiles

ALMA offers detailed labor market statistics focused on specific occupations and industries to help users analyze and compare information.

Local, State, and National Trend Analysis

Users can perform powerful, customized labor market analysis using real-time current and aggregated historical data across multiple states, counties, cities, metropolitan statistical areas, etc.

Real-Time Skills, Tools, and Technology Needs

ALMA provides information on the most in-demand skills, tools, and technology requirements aggregated from real-time job postings that employers that are currently hiring are seeking.

Simple and Complete Data Analysis

ALMA is an ideal tool for the analysis of large datasets of job postings and résumés. Analysts can identify employment trends well before they would be apparent in traditional, backward-facing LMI systems.

Dynamic Reports

User-friendly controls to create data reports can be generated on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, which can assist users with pinpointing areas of weakness and positive trends in their area.


Data Comparison Without Boundaries

A True Glimpse into the Historical and Real-Time Job Market

Using Comprehensive Jobs and Résumé Data


ALMA offers easy access to quality data aggregated from advertised jobs and résumé data, including skills, certifications, tools, and technology skills. The system uses sophisticated post-processing techniques to extract information from current online job postings and résumés, resulting in an array of beneficial information to assist users with making important economic decisions. Data results are presented in various ways, including graphs, charts, tables, and maps that are visually-appealing and easy to understand. The system caters to all levels of computer experience and has been designed with ease and simplicity in mind so that users can obtain a thorough understanding of job market trends.

Explore Current and Historical Labor Market Data Trends

For Curriculum Planning and Economic Development